January 26th, 2014
Cancer Zodiac Sign Guide

The Complete Book of Cancer
By The AstroTwins, Ophira & Tali Edut

Digital Download (PDF)
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What makes a Cancer unique?
If you were born between June 21-July 22, this must-have book was written to help you understand yourself, inside and out.

In this gorgeous full-color, 50-page guide, you’ll discover the best path for your sign in:

Love & Relationships — from courtship to wedding planning to healing from a breakup

Style & Beauty — your best looks and colors, home decor

Health & Fitness — best workouts & foods to help your specific sign stay fit

Prosperity — fitting career paths & how your sign can manage money

Happiness — travel, entertaining & friendship styles suited to your sign

Family — how to get along with your clan & deal with dynamics


Learn a few easy, useful astrology basics—our go-to secrets for star-powered timing!

New and full moons, retrogrades, eclipses, and more. Plus, a month-by-month breakdown of the best astrological cycles for YOUR sign, and how to “plan it by the planets.” (PDF format)

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