Look who’s joined the mama ranks! Yesterday, news broke that Leo Charlize Theron adopted a baby boy named Jackson. Not many details have surfaced yet, except that he’s a healthy babe and of African-American descent.

Interestingly, she follows in the footsteps of fellow Leos Sandra Bullock and Madonna, who also adopted cross-culturally. Leo moms have the fierce determination to raise children single-handedly. In fact, they may prefer it, as their fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Scorpio, the sign that likes to be in control. And since Leo’s fifth house of fertility is ruled by global, multicultural Sagittarius, the mamas of this sign often consider themselves “mothers of the world.” Like protective lionesses, they want to care for as many cubs as they can.

I briefly studied some Kabbalah, and one of the most interesting things I remember learning is that Kabbalah believes the child you adopt is actually “your” child (on a soul level), and s/he just came through another woman’s body. While that might not explain physical DNA, perhaps our shared spiritual DNA works in its own mysterious ways. 

Congrats to Charlize and her little Pisces, a karmic companion and wise old soul!


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