Secrets to understanding your relationship revealed! How well do you click and what issues will you have to overcome? Great for couples, or for any key relationship (boss/employee, parent/child, sibling, etc.). Delivered by email as a printable file—makes a great gift! Choose from one of three Compatibility Chart options:

Synastry (Comparison) Chart

Synastry charts compare and contrast,This chart that details your two charts, and how the various planets create your unique dynamic. Great advice on how to navigate more difficult aspects. Find out where you harmonize, and where you need to work harder to get along. $35

Composite (Blended) Chart

Your relationship is like a third “person” or entity, formed by the combination of both people’s energies. The composite (blended) chart reveals the unique personality and purpose of your relationship. $35

Synastry+Composite Chart:

The whole enchilada! Choose a report that includes both Synastry (Comparison) and Composite (appx. 65 pages) and leave no stone unturned. $50

Charts powered by Astrolabe

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