Love may be eternal among vampires, but alas, not for Aries Jennie Garth and Sagittarius Peter Facinelli. The couple, married for 11 years and the parents of three daughters, announced their split this week. It’s sad for many reasons, especially for their children. (On her Twitter page, Garth has thanked fans for support, adding “don’t believe everything you read.” Facinelli’s Twitter doesn’t mention anything about the split.)

But is it really over? We’re going out on a limb to say that there may be a “breaking dawn” for this couple before the divorce papers are fully signed. By July, they might just be back together (or perhaps later this year). Why? Saturn, planet of challenges and tough lessons, is in low-power retrograde from February 7-June 25. This could certainly strain the couple’s union, bringing them to a breaking point.

Saturn is in Libra, which rules Garth’s marriage house, and has been since October 2009–about the time the Twilight film franchise made Facinelli a sensation and his fame, er, eclipsed 90210 alum Garth’s for the first time. Rumors suggest that Garth was jealous of Facinelli’s rising fame, which we would believe (Aries IS the sign of the star). Interestingly, Garth will now star on a half-hour reality show debuting on CMT called “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.”

The lesson of Saturn in Garth’s marriage house is to learn how to play the supporting role. Saturn in Libra’s tough three-year cycle that will end on October 5th. Perhaps just going through the harsh reality of the divorce process will inspire a change of heart (and attitude). The Aries woman doesn’t fancy blows to her ego, and indeed, being compared to her hubby could do that. And don’t get us started on Hollywood’s unfair treatment of actresses as they age.

Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius can really be a great match. However, they can both be hotheaded and impulsive–and very independent. When they’re on they’re on, but when their individual lives get busy, it can be hard to keep the flames burning. We’re rooting for a reconciliation. Make like Edward and Bella…or Kelly and Brandon…and work it out, guys!

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