I love astrology almost as much as I love politics and history. The only thing missing from these adorable presidential blocks are their zodiac signs and a woman. 

2 thoughts on “Happy President’s Day and Hail to Leo the Chief

  1. Producing a weekly greneal forecast for each of the twelve zodiac signs is not a terribly difficult thing so long as you have at the minimum an intermediate level of astrological knowledge along with a vast vocabulary. The first step in writing a weekly forecast begins with a Equal House Solar Chart for each of the twelve signs. If you need to ask what an Equal House Solar Chart *IS* then you’re most likely not yet at that minimum intermediate level of understanding. Analysis of the coming week is the next step. It’s your job as the astrologer to look for major aspects and important cosmic occurrences full and new moons, planets changing signs, planets in retrograde motion, or powerful alignments between planets such as Jupiter conjunct Pluto and explain to the reader in an insightful and understandable way what they can expect or what the effect of these occurrences may be or bring.Finally, like most acquired skills your learning how to do this requires practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Obviously the quality and quantity of information you provide to the reader will depend on how much space your school newspaper affords to you. Ideally a good informative weekly horoscope would require your having at least a 100 word allowance (for each sign) from which to work. Anything less, in my opinion, will not be worth the readers time or yours. I hope this helps and Good Luck to you.

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