Fire sign couple Jennifer Garner (Aries) and Ben Affleck (Leo) welcomed their third child, and their first son on February 28, 2012. Narrowly missing the chance to be a Leap Year baby, their bouncing boy is a Pisces, the first water sign to join this fire-heavy family.

Affleck, Garner and their adorable eldest Violet (a Sagittarius) make up the zodiac’s three fire signs. While this can be fun and harmonious, all that heat can get a little intense! Along came little sister Seraphina, an earth sign Capricorn, to temper those flames. Capricorns often play the role of the responsible kids in their families, and they can have a grounding effect on other relatives. With her old-soul Cappy temperament, she’ll surely be a proud and steadfast big sister.

Speaking of old souls, this newborn Pisces babe may share some of his older sister’s wisdom, along with a deeper, more spiritual vibe. He’ll need lots of coddling, cuddling and love from his big sisters and parents, as Pisces children are highly sensory and touch-oriented (practice your swaddling, Ben and Jen). Music, soft colors and art will be especially soothing. Is there a singer in the house?

Congrats to the Affleck clan on their new arrival!

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