January 30th, 2012
Leo Halle Berry & Capricorn Gabriel Aubry: Mandatory Parenting Class?

Happier Times (Source: UK Daily Mail)

RadarOnline is reporting that estranged parents Halle Berry (a Leo) and Gabriel Aubry, a Capricorn, must take mandatory parenting classes together, due to ongoing disputes over how to raise their daughter Nahla, a Pisces.


Astrologically, Leo and Capricorn are a challenging five signs apart, a relationship that’s karmic but also requires constant self-reflection and evolution to sustain. While sexual chemistry can be strong between these signs, they don’t fundamentally understand each other, which takes a lot of inner strength to sustain. There will be periods of adjustment and even challenge, but if faced fully, both people can spiritually evolve. (Interestingly, Halle Berry is now engaged to another Capricorn, Olivier Martinez. Lessons still to learn?)


Capricorns can be incredibly stubborn, and fierce Leos don’t easily back down from a fight. The Leo mother is intensely protective, but Capricorn is the sign of the father, so Aubry’s role as a dad is one the he’ll defend to the end. This, of course, could be a recipe for unending conflict.


As for little Pisces Nahla, this spiritually and emotionally astute sign often inherits complicated family dynamics. Pisces children are strong soul messengers who can catalyze healing in their families. However, Berry and Aubry must be careful, as Pisces kids can also be “silent sufferers” who internalize a lot of family pain and guilt.


Here’s hoping whatever drama is happening, these two parents, who clearly love their daughter, can work it out…whatever it takes. 

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