May 1st, 2012
May Day Pinterest Finds


May has some pretty great holidays including Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, but my favorite May holiday comes on the very first day of the month, May Day.   Although I notice that May Day is celebrated less and less, I love the tradition of making May baskets and trying to give them to someone anonymously.  For those of you who’ve never participated, you make a lovely small basket for someone filled with flowers, hang it on their doorknob or place it on the front porch, and run away.  The goal is not to be caught.  

Wouldn’t this be a great tradition to start with your children and let them participate in doing something nice for someone else with no other reward than knowing they made someone smile?  With the Sun in earth sign Taurus, it’s a great time to connect with nature while doing something nice for others.

Do you know someone in your neighborhood or life that could use a beautiful surprise?  Here are some ideas we found on Pinterest to inspire you.  



Here’s a beautiful May Day cone that can be made by those of you who have been nicknamed “Martha” by all who know you.  In case you’re more of a “Marge” in the craft department, just take some basic ideas here and go with more simple.
Wouldn’t it make anyone smile to find a surprise like this on their front door?
This DIY May Day Basket idea is made from crepe paper and old plastic containers.  Score one for upcycling and Mother Nature.
Tin Can flower baskets are another great way to use things you have around the house to make your bouquets.  These could even hold water.

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