A sentimental Mother’s Day is in store this Sunday, as the moon (ruler of femininity and motherhood) meets compassionate, dreamy Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. Prepare to get emotional and nostalgic. As the ruler of film and photography, Pisces invites us for a trip down memory lane, perhaps looking through old slideshows, videos and childhood photo albums. You might even schedule a professional portrait session for the family as a gift.

Pisces, the moon and Neptune are all associated with water, so if possible, get to a lake, river or even a waterfront restaurant (perhaps at a nearby marina). Cliché as it sounds, a seafood menu wouldn’t be a bad idea with this nautical-themed astro lineup. Don’t live near water? Hey, those Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster are kinda addictive…

Pisces is the ruler of charity, so consider making a donation on your mom’s behalf to an organization supporting women’s economic development in a developing nation, or another charity that helps moms and families. Or, if you want to get really Pisces-subversive, you could even observe No Mothers Day with supermodel and activist Christy Turlington Burns, who’s calling for the boycott of the holiday to raise awareness for women who die from pregnancy and childbirth related issues. Or you could donate to her organization, Every Mother Counts.

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom? Here’s a sign-by-sign breakdown of the best gifts for her.

Aries Mom: Anything active, like workout equipment, or something fun and adventurous the two of you can do together, like concert tickets or even a weekend away. Great ideas and offers at

Taurus Mom: This luxury-loving mama may not spoil herself often, but she loves the finer things. Try: a basket of gourmet goodies or a tasteful piece of jewelry handmade by an artist.

Gemini Mom: Books, music, tickets, gadgets, an e-reader, a MacBook Air…anything to keep this on-the-go mama’s curious mind occupied. Because she likes to make her own choices, a gift card might be best!

Cancer Mom: Picture frames, sentimental snapshots, scented candles, gourmet ingredients, anything for the kitchen, garden or home. Framed photo of the two of you? Wins every time. Another no-fail destination for most Cancer moms: Anthropologie.

Leo Mom: A little bling goes a long way for this mama. A patterned scarf, a tribal necklace, a pretty mirror, or anything colorful for her home. (See Donna Karan’s for ideas.) A gushy card, penned from the heart, is a must.

Virgo Mom: This practical mom loves anything that simplifies her life, from the office to the home. Get her something beautiful from Williams Sonoma or check out pretty things for organizing from 

Libra Mom: She may be a health nut (or not), but the Libra mom has a serious sweet tooth. You can’t go wrong with  a box of Godiva. Or, a box of raw chocolate truffles from Gnosis Chocolates. Don’t forget the flowers!

Scorpio Mom: This private, intensely particular mama can be tough to shop for at times. You can’t go wrong with something quietly sleek and sophisticated, like a wallet, iPhone case or clutch from Kenneth Cole, Coach or Kate Spade—in black or her favorite vibrant hue.

Sagittarius Mom: This active mama doesn’t sit still often, so get her something to make her on-the-go lifestyle more charmed than frazzled. Try: a cool laptop bag, pretty patterned luggage (in a funky color like apple green) or a new pair of shoes.

Capricorn Mom: Simple things are best for this minimalist mama, who can be a little bit of a snob in her tastes. Since she may rarely treat herself, take her out for a decadent meal or get her tickets to an exclusive event, like a film or gallery opening. 

Aquarius Mom: This fun-loving mom just wants to hang, so an interactive gift that can be enjoyed by the whole clan will make her day. Make it an activity day, throw her a party, take her on a getaway full of surprises.

Pisces Mom: The Pisces mama loves soothing sensuality and serenity. Add to her calm oasis with a basket of artisinal coffee and custom-blended teas, a set of soothing world music CDs, bubble bath, or a spa certificate for a relaxing massage.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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