November 11th, 2013
Personal Natal (Birth) Chart


Who are you and what makes you tick? Discover your unique life purpose with an in-depth personal chart.┬áThis detailed report includes lengthy descriptions of where each planet is in your chart, major planetary aspects (angles) and how those influence your personality. A great tool to deepen your understanding of your strengths, challenges, romantic needs, career path and unique destiny. You’ll need your date and place of birth, plus birth time if available.
($25, 25-30 pages, delivered via email from Astrolabe)

Personal natal charts are fascinating presents for birthdays, new babies, or to help a friend needing insight. All you need is the person’s time, date and place of birth.

Don’t have your birth certificate?
Unsure of your birth time? If you were born in the U.S., contact the Office of Vital Records in your birth state to obtain a copy.

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