Two celebrity pregnancies hit the headlines this week, although one is still just a rumor. Confirmed: Taurus Uma Thurman is expecting her third child,  fathered by her Aquarius man, financier Arpad Busson. And we’ll blame the pregnancy on his stars, too. With expansive Jupiter in Taurus, Busson’s fourth house of children and parenthood, he’s got the extra fertility factor. As for Uma? Traditional Taurus usually follows convention, but with Jupiter in her sign, Uma’s probably fine putting carriage before marriage.

How will the couple fare as parents? Taurus and Aquarius isn’t  an easy match, but  Uma’s moon is in Aquarius helps. Because Taurus and Aquarius form a “square” (a 90-degree angle of adjustment), they may have some friction, but they can also be natural teammates, each one playing different roles with the kid.  Co-parenting with Busson will be different than with Scorpio ex Ethan Hawke (who’s now married to the couple’s former nanny—oh, Scorpio—with two small kids). While Scorpios are great fathers, they can be intense in ways that Aquarians are lighthearted jokesters.

The other celeb to find herself in this, er, “situation”…at least, according to rumors? Jersey Shore’s pint-sized Sagittarius Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Looks like her smooshing may have produced a zygote-sized future Guidette. Although she’s denied the pregnancy buzz, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. On February 21st, there was a Pisces new moon (joined by three other planets here). Pisces rules Snooki’s fourth house of motherhood, and new moons are a time for announcements and new beginnings. Dreamy Neptune also began a 14-year journey through Pisces on February 3rd, turning some wild-child Sagittarians into tamer, maternally-inclined versions of themselves.

Will the new “GTL” stand for Gerber/Toys/Layette? Or maybe the L will still stand for laundry. (Holler if you hear me, fellow onesie scrubbers.) While we’re not exactly fist-pumping at the news, we can’t deny our curiosity. But please, keep those Toddlers & Tiaras scary spray-tanners away from that kid, okay?

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