Here are Momstrology’s favorite things we’ve found this week for style, parenting, taking care of yourself and entertaining your kids—things that will make your life easy and fun!

Your Must-Do Updo.

If your kids aren’t pulling your hair, they’re making you want to pull your own hair out. But does that mean you can’t rock a cute little pony or bun? Nope!  I found an entire Tumblr Blog dedicated to the ever so stylish chignons, buns, twists, and messy updos that look effortless and sexy.

Pea in the Pod and Beyond

I love the idea of maternity clothes that not only look good, but are designed with the post-baby body in mind. (Hello, extended value.) Trust me, you will not want to spend a dime on clothes postpartum. Hatch’s Collection takes you stylishly from nine months preggo to a family photo op with your new baby.  You will not want to pack away anything from Hatch!

Pencil it in.

I don’t like cleaning—I don’t even like writing about cleaning—but it has to be done.  Even if you have a house cleaner, there’s still plenty of choring to do!   Might as well have a system that works, and this one does.  (This is coming from a girl whose nickname for almost 30 years was “Messy Mandy.”)
Color Theme Packing

Easy Color Theme Packing

Every time I pack for vacation, I end up packing a bunch of clothes that don’t make sense or work well together. I love the handy idea of using a color theme to plan. For more on this ensemble, check out Design Scout.

Katniss Forever

I’m a grown woman and yes: I am obsessed with the Hunger Games and its wicked-smart female heroine!  As a Sagittarius, I love that she fights with a bow-and-arrow, like my main mascot the Centaur! For more Hunger Games Style check Pinterest.

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