April 14th, 2014
Weekly Mom Horoscopes: April 14-20

Horoscopes for Monday, April 14- Sunday, April 20, 2014

by The AstroTwins

(March 20-April 19)

Your fence-sitting days are over, Aries. If you’ve spent the past several weeks waffling over everything from nursery bed sheet sets (Pooh or PBK?) to settling on a daycare (full day, half day, or Grammies?), Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in your partnership house opens a window of opportunity to you, a coming together of ideas or of minds—particularly between you and your partner. Turn off the TV early and have some serious conversation beyond comforters and caregivers. Address the yet-unspoken challenges you’ll face when baby comes, or the things you’re struggling to manage right now. Or try an impromptu date at a favorite coffee shop, a neutral zone, to have that heart-to-heart about whatever’s been eating you up. Clearing the air now will minimize strain on your relationship later. Your partner may surprise you, maybe offering to do all the vacuuming or to provide more childcare—it turns out you only needed to ask! You may even find this causes a change in relationship dynamic, maybe even a shocking revelation (e.g., your partner has secretly wanted to quit work and stay home with the kids). On Saturday, the Sun leaves Aries and moves into Taurus, your practical second house, a perfect segue to turn all that talk into tangible action. If you get a sudden burst of energy, use it to begin organizing the baby clothes, or wash and put away the ones that are too small or falling out of season. It’s also a good time to review your budget, look for ways you can put your dollars toward things of quality (over quantity). Take some QT for yourself, too–treat yourself to some practical luxuries: maybe a new pair of earrings or a spring handbag (for great ideas, see our post).

(April 20-May 19)

Has your fitness been flagging for the last month? This week’s stars get you out of that rut. On Tuesday, the full moon beams into your health and fitness zone. Since it also happens to be a page-turning lunar eclipse, you could be suddenly motivated to snap back into active mode. On Saturday, the Sun leaves your sleepy twelfth house and moves into Taurus for a month, delivering your official wake-up call. Quit wearing yoga pants to run errands—and actually wear them to a yoga class! Once you get going, you’ll fall back into a healthy routine. Prioritizing your health goes beyond the physical, so think about what you’re putting into your body, especially with indulgent Passover and Easter treats this week (no, Cadbury crème eggs don’t count as protein!). This is also a good time to tackle an organization project: maybe a closet makeover in the nursery or a DIY project you saw on a blog. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse could cause a righthand person to suddenly leave your life, but this isn’t as ominous as it sounds. You might be ready to upgrade to a better babysitter, or maybe you’ll decide finally that you need someone to help with whatever’s being neglected (housekeeping, the garden) as your family expands By the time the Sun enters your sign on Saturday, you’ll feel energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

(May 20-June 21)

Turn up the volume to eleven, Gemini—it’s time to let it out! An outburst is brewing, thanks to Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in your fifth house of self-expression. Whether it’s saying how you feel about an issue at school or stepping up to the microphone for a poetry night, you need to get this off your chest. Since the fifth house rules play, let your inner child out this week, taking a turn on the swings or dipping your hands into the finger paints. Get in there with your little ones or practice for when they arrive. Be sure to put on your big-girl skivvies, too, as the fifth house also rules romance. Make date night a priority to keep connected to your partner—and enjoy this eclipse-fueled awakening of your mojo. On Saturday, the Sun exits your eleventh house of group activity after a whirlwind month, and slips into your twelfth house of rest. It’s time for a social butterfly landing, Gemini. Conserve your energy, rein in commitments and limit the projects you take on. Resist your urge to micromanage every part of your pregnancy or family life. Why burn yourself out on the small stuff? (And like they say, it’s all small stuff.) When you’ve reached your limit, try on a “no thanks” for size instead of a “sure, absolutely” next time you’re hit up for plans—unless it’s for a spa day.

(June 22-July 22)

Nesting isn’t just for the birds outside your window, Cancer. Tuesday’s groundbreaking lunar eclipse is in your fourth house of home and family. This could mean a sudden pregnancy (yay if you are trying!), and a warning not to forget your daily “vitamin” if you aren’t. Just as you’ll want to open the windows to get some warm, spring air circulating, consider doing the same for your soul and air out anything on your mind with someone close to you. Maybe it’s time to have a talk with your mom if she’s been giving unsolicited advice on how you’ll raise the grandkids. Or, you might discuss  how you and your partner will handle faith (if that touchy subject hasn’t already come up). Under this emotional full moon, deeper feelings could surface—and why should you keep those bottled up? Is it time for a relocation? This week’s stars could find you wondering if the space you have now is enough for the whole clan. Weigh the options, though, because you might want to hit The Container Store before calling the moving van. Sometimes, just looking at your place with a fresh eye will reveal an easy renovation project. Remember, Cancer: a fresh coat of paint in a new color is the cheapest way to redecorate. While you’re at it, do the nursery too, especially if you have a little one who’s outgrown the pastel bunny motif and is ready for some Lightning McQueen. On Saturday, the Sun moves from your tenth house of work and responsibility to your social eleventh house for a month. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and go hang with your friends. Don’t worry, the work will get done—AND you can have some fun. Ditch the guilt, too, Cancer. Your babysitter can handle bedtime just fine without you.

(July 23-August 22)

9021-no? The things you loved about your neighborhood before kids may not be the things you love about it now. With Tuesday’s game-changing lunar eclipse in your third house of neighborhoods, it might be time to shop for zipcodes, even if that exercise leads you back to where you are. Hey, plenty of people bring kids to bars now (thanks for leading that trend, Brooklyn), as hotly-debated as this is. Your attention may also wander toward a sibling during the influence of the third house. Is there a rivalry to smooth over? If you’ve been competing all your life, look at parenthood as an opportunity to close that chapter so you can both focus on the next generation. Or maybe there’s an important talk you’ve wanted to have with a friend. Quit playing the dialogue over in your head. Meet up for a happy hour and hash it out in real life. Along those lines, if you’ve fallen into the mommy martyr role (and Leo, you know this role is so easy to fall into!), it’s time to give it a rest and to speak up. There are…how many other parents in your child’s class? Yeah, not just you. Time to speak up and encourage others to take on some responsibilities. Your third house also rules communications and gadgets, perhaps you get everyone to communicate using a web-based tool, like MailChimp or a Google group, so you can avoid pushback (this will satisfy your multi-tasker tendencies, to boot!). On Saturday, the sun moves from your adventurous ninth house to your ambitious and goal-oriented tenth house, putting you in master-planner mode. Your visions of Bali could be replaced by finding the best school district ZIP code in your area. If you’re pregnant, you may find yourself more obsessed than usual with the Parenting section of the bookstore (who knew there were so many books beyond What to Expect?!). Whatever you decide after your research, pick a lane and stick with it. You appreciate structure and committing to a few things will keep you focused. This may also be a time you make a final decision on whether or not to work, if you’ve been weighing those options.

(August 22-September 21)

She works hard for the money! On Tuesday, a powerful lunar eclipse lights up your second house of money, work, routine. Deus ex machine, Virgo! It’s time for an overhaul. Take a hard look at your schedule and start making priorities for what’s practical and delivering the most ROI. All that other stuff? Make like “Adele Dazeem” and let it go (sorry for the earworm). Freeing up your time might present an opportunity, maybe even a job offer or a chance to make spare cash while your kids are with in preschool. While you might feel like you can’t possibly say no, don’t rush. Taking on a big job could also present a work-life balance dilemma if you’re not ready for it. You have a tendency to overanalyze anyway, so allow yourself the space to do that, but don’t labor over it—especially if labor is coming soon. On Saturday, the Sun decamps to your eighth house of intimacy for a month. You might feel like curling up under a cozy blanket, wanting some personal time–take it if you can get it! The Sun in this myopic sphere could give you intense tunnel vision, depending on what’s on your mind (remember that overanalyzing thing?). Put your inner micromanager in time-out and express yourself in a way that allows you to engage with others in a quiet and self-nurturing way: maybe a Simplicity Parenting class or a jewelry-making workshop. Since one-on-one bonding is highlighted, you could take a class with your child. Is it time for the swimming lessons you put off all winter? Training will be finished in time for the town pool or beaches to open this summer.

(September 22-October 22)

Speak your truth! Tuesday’s lunar eclipse illuminates your first house of self and personal identity, making your normally diplomatic sign extra assertive. It could inspire you to make a big change or it might evoke a mini identity crisis. Thinking about yourself isn’t selfish, it’s smart. Are your needs being met? Are you giving more than you’re getting? It’s time to think about you. Ever see the Mentos-plus-Diet-Coke experiment? (If not, here’s your daily dose of distraction.) Libra, you could explode if you keep too much bottled up, but hey, maybe this page-turning eclipse is the perfect time to clear the air. Good news, though: on Saturday, the Sun slides into your eighth house of intimacy, perfect timing to patch things up if you lashed out aggressively from those suppressed feelings. Make time for intimacy, even if you have to scale back the calendar or schedule sex. Sure it’s more fun when it’s spontaneous, but it might be necessary, especially if you’re a tired parent. Are you pregnant and not feeling so in the mood? Ramp up the sensuality: foot massages, luxuriating in a bath or swimming pool, lush textures against your skin. Getting back into your body could help you feel like bonding again. During this private month, one-on-one time is more rewarding than being the social butterfly you normally are. Focusing on your closest relationships might put some positive pep into your step, too, enabling you to wind down and take a mental pause from the kiddie rat race, or if you’re pregnant, overthinking every aspect of what’s coming.

(October 23-November 21)

Release the white-knuckle grip. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of endings is an opportunity for you to surrender control. We know that’s not easy for you, Scorpio–you micromanage as naturally as you breathe. But if you’re mindful of when you’re about to go Tiger Mom, you can resist those panicked, primal urges. Pick your battles this week. The world WILL continue spinning even if you don’t make every decision for your kids. In fact, you may find they’re really good at making some on their own! If you’re pregnant, consider the alternative to your meticulous birth plan. Think about how you’ll go with the flow if things don’t fall into place as neatly as you’ve arranged them. A trip to the yoga studio if only to meditate or to work on breathing might serve you well. The eclipse could give you clarity about who’s on Team Scorpio, as it may reveal any unsupportive people in your life. Surround yourself with the people who have your back and let the others fade away. On Saturday, the Sun moves from your task-oriented sixth house (hello, comfort zone) and into your seventh house of relationships. Make people a priority during this time, especially your relatives. Maybe start a family movie night or a board game day to feed your need to plot and strategize indirectly. It’s up to you if you pick the movie or let them win at Sorry!

(November 21-December 20)

Your guitar solo is over, Sag. Jam with some others as Tuesday’s lunar eclipse changes your guard socially, shaking up your eleventh house of groups and friends. If you’ve thought about joining a playgroup or moms-to-be Meetup but have hesitated because, well, “joining” doesn’t define your independent spirit, reconsider. Sitting in on a women’s circle or a book club discussion may allow you to listen more than share, and to get a feel for if you want to join at all—but you won’t know if you don’t try. Who knows, you might meet someone with personality who shares your spontaneous spirit. Instead of attending the next gathering, you can ditch to go check out a new art gallery or vegan cafe. Mingling with some new mamas may have you analyzing your current roster—is there someone who seems toxic to you? It might be time to move on. On Saturday, the Sun moves into your playful fifth house for a month. If you’re planning a spring egg hunt, ask someone else to do the hiding so you can join in on the finding with your kids. Be cautious about falling into some hedonistic tendencies, though–maybe a kale salad instead of a three-course prix fixe? If you’re pregnant, skip the pint of Chunky Monkey. Indulge in nourishing green smoothies and sign up for the prenatal yoga class next door to the juice bar.

(December 21-January 18)

Family life isn’t the Brady Bunch, as much as your nostalgic sign would like it to be. If you’ve got a Johnny Bravo-sized issue you want to take up with your dad or an important guy, Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in your masculine tenth house gives you the boost you need to have that heart-to-heart. The tenth house also rules career and long-term plans. Chances are good, Capricorn, you strongly identify with your “what you do” (or did) for a living. As a mom or a mom-to-be, you might find yourself struggling with the family vs. career woman identity. Can you have it all? Should you try? Your mind spins with the options: fewer hours, a standing job offer, a career change? It’s not easy to know what to do, and maybe that’s part of your heart-to-heart with that important man. Perhaps he can provide an objective POV or golden advice. Here’s a litmus test: pick up a copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s hotly-debated book Lean In. Does it inspire you or make you seethe? Exploring those feelings will help you arrive at your answer and shape your ambitions, because once you set your course, you’ll want to create a structured plan and stick to it. On Saturday, the Sun moves from your fourth house of home and family to your fifth house of fun. Take a break from testing paint colors on the nursery wall and other nesting projects and get glammed up for some nights out. Swap the slippers for slingbacks on date night especially. You’ll want to look as fierce as you feel—or fake it ’til you make it!

(January 19-February 17)

Drooling over a friend’s vacation album on Facebook? Plan your own! Tuesday’s lunar eclipse occupies your ninth house of adventure, giving you a sudden itch for far-flung horizons. You could be inspired to take a spontaneous babymoon—or a well-deserved vacay sans kids. What’s on your must-see list? If a tropical island is out of reach right now, a staycation certainly isn’t. Or maybe your partner has a trip coming up that could double as a leisure trek with some creative scheduling. If you explore locally, choose places to satisfy your free spirit, Aquarius–it can’t be all children’s activities, if you’re bringing them. Maybe a museum or a kid-friendly cooking class that still has wine and hors d’ouevres for the mamas? Go somewhere that treats you like an adult, not a mere extension of your child. The ninth house also governs education, so feed your need for learning with more than travel research. Try an online class, maybe a webcast series on how to launch and market a blog. On Saturday, the Sun moves from your third house of communication and friends to your fourth house of boding and nesting. If you’ve been running around to meetings and social engagements, let some air out of the tires. You may thrive in chaos, Aquarius, but you benefit from a little downtime with loved ones—or maybe with your own mom—to help bring you back to center.

(February 18-March 19)

Kowabunga! Tuesday’s game-changing lunar eclipse is sorta epic, Pisces. Eclipses bring surprises and since you’ll host this full moon event in your eighth house of intimacy, it could bring a pregnancy or a big financial decision. The eighth house also rules real estate and shared finances, so you and your partner could have an eye-opening discussion about long-term plans and how to divide duties now that baby is here or on the way. If you’ve been forking over your cash for rent with just a casual eye on the market inventory, is it time to initiate the buying process? If you haven’t opened a 529 college fund, what are you waiting for? Don’t just weigh options; take action. Tax day also falls this week in the U.S., a good reminder to pause and examine where your money goes (don’t fixate on that line item for coffee, though—ouch!).  On Saturday, the Sun moves from your second house of work and money to your third house of communication, putting you in lighter, more outgoing spirits. It’s also a good time for reading, maybe finish the three in-progress books in your Kindle before starting a new one (or browsing for more!). Download some apps that aren’t just kid games or baby name generators. Spend some time with friends if you’ve had your head down in work or planning. Accept an invitation to get involved at school or in your neighborhood. Just remember to keep it manageable, Pisces, as you need to respect your limits.

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