Get your momscope for the week ahead! Whether you’re pregnant, already a mother or both, we’ll tell you what the planets have in store, and how to create a star-powered week for yourself and your family.

Week of Monday, June 16- Sunday, June 22, 2014


You’ve spent the past month giving yourself to others while the Sun camped comfortably in Gemini, your third house of community (Gemini rules this house, so double whammy!). With the schoolyear wrapping up, you’ll finally get a much-needed breather from class parent or PTA responsibilities, and a chance to reevaluate if you want to be that involved in the fall. If you’re pregnant and have kept up all your commitments to volunteer organizations, maybe it’s time to reassess if that’s a good use of your time (those nine months go by really fast!). You have this week to sort out where you want to focus your energies going forward as the Sun leaves Gemini on Saturday and moves into Cancer, your fourth house of home, for the next month. You’ll feel a shift in your focus from your external commitments to your “internal” ones—family and also yourself. How about kicking it off with a game night on Sunday? If you have little ones, a fun one is Zingo!—it’s like Bingo, but with pictures. If you’re pregnant and passing the time with friends or a loved one, Bananagrams is a fun word game (and its compact size will fit in your hospital bag later). Just be sure to keep your competitive side in check, Aries. Give yourself some “me time” too—part of bringing your energy back to your nest is self-care. Treat yourself to a silk pillow case (it’s supposed to encourage your moisturizer to work better). Or burn some essential oils, maybe a romantic blend, to rediscover your zen (and your partner!). You’ll also feel a shift in all forms of communication with a transition to the fourth house. Is it time to enforce some rules on when to use the phones, or take a break from social media? One mom we know just deleted the Facebook app from her iPhone and she says it’s liberating to get so much more done “without dragging all these people along with me.”


Does your credit card need a rest, Taurus? There’s a good chance, since you probably you spent the past month spending. And understandably so: the Sun was parked in Gemini, your second house of money. Chances are good, too, that you splurged on a few pieces—maybe a status bag or a luxe cover-up for the beach. If you didn’t, you have until Saturday to indulge before the Sun moves to Cancer for the next month, and you’ll most likely be spent, literally, by shopping. If you’re expecting, make a final decision on the things you’ve been researching ad nauseam, like organic mattresses, humidifiers, infant bathtubs. Going in circles for any much longer is going to drive you more nutty than trying to decide to go cloth or disposable, or whether or not you want your MIL to fly in for the birth. With the Sun in Cancer, your third house of communication, you’ll be in a good place to have the conversations about your wishes on birth attendance. Some moms are okay with company in the delivery room (and video cameras), and others are not. Before you start selling tickets, think about it (here’s a good general article on the topic). The third house also rules community, and with summer in the U.S., farms are harvesting foods we nearly forgot about after the harsh winter (hello deer tongue lettuce!). Why not celebrate them with a membership to a CSA? You can learn about CSAs and where to find one near you here. If a CSA is too much of a commitment, you can certainly mingle with the locals at a farmers’ market. A spotlight also shines on siblings with the Sun in Cancer until July 22. With family gatherings, you could experience some tension over unresolved issues. Try to smooth things over before you get to the party, so you can all have a good time and make memories, not deeper rifts. An easy icebreaker might be to coordinate who’s making mom’s famous potato salad and who’s bringing dad’s famous six-pack from the gas station (humor helps!).


There’s such thing as a half-year resolution, right? Why not! The Sun continues to inhabit your sign until Saturday—your first house of new beginnings and attitudes—and you’ve been so ready to make a change, especially when it comes to handling cash. Forget the disappointment you may have felt about losing grasp on a new year’s resolution related to your wallet—you have the rest of the year to make up for it. The Sun chills in Cancer from June 21-July 22, heating up your second house of money. Cha-ching! Divide and conquer—get your partner to comb through the bills to see where you might find some savings (there are some great ideas on Daily Finance for how to do this). Review your expenses to see where you might be able to cut back (less frequent manicures? less fine dining?). And while you’re working on the balance sheet, use it as an opportunity to teach your children about money, or even involve them. CNN Money has some helpful posts on how to approach many topics related to money. Just remember to teach and not fall into a common Gemini trap of lecturing without listening! Let your clan in on why you save money—it could be enlightening for them to understand that being financially savvy means there’s more for trips to the ice cream stand or for the stocking at Christmas. You can also use it as an opportunity to teach about donating; Three Jars has a system for this that may work for your family. If you’re expecting, this is a great time to look into which state’s 529 plan you might want to enroll in. Educate yourself on your maternity benefits, even if you think you know what they are because your coworkers have gone through it. And sketch out some financial scenarios for when baby comes—daycare costs, diaper costs, etc. It can be harder to save when the family grows, but it’s not impossible. The second house also rules daily routines and you might need to find your footing now that school is over. If you have camp to lean on, yay—but a lot of moms don’t (that whole saving money thing.). One mother we know developed a schedule for her kids, just like they’d have at school, and they stick to it. It’s work, but she says it’s worth it, and the kids like the structure. With a little searching, you can find free and close-to-free activities in your town, like at the library and even at the bowling alley.


Wake up, sleepy Crab! You’ll continue to crawl at a snail’s pace for most of this week—but come Saturday, when the Sun moves into your sign, you’ll be ready to emerge from that shell. The dreamy state you’ve been in for the past month wears off as the Sun switches from your twelfth house of endings, healing, and closure, to your first house of fresh starts. If you’ve been stuck in your head, the fog is about to lift. And you’ll enjoy this reboot while the Sun shines boldly in your sign until July 22. So what’s on your list to begin anew? It may seem impossible today, but we promise it won’t come Saturday. For starters, you need some activity. Kick off the blanket and get off the couch! We’re not suggesting you go run a marathon, but how about walking around the neighborhood or yeah, even pushing the stroller around the mall? Meet up with a friend and double it as a coffee date. You could probably use a little social time—that always helps when get you out of your head. If you’re pregnant, you might be fretting over what to expect, and absorbing a lot of fear-based advice. Calm down, Cancer: a lot of those things are myths anyway. If you’re really nervous, ask your doctor or download a copy of Bumpology. The first house also rules appearances, so do a little window-shopping while you push the babes around. Then go back solo later to pick up a few things without having to worry about the kids. Get in a little “me time,” but make sure it’s the kind that doesn’t lock you in your head. Get out among the living again, and as the Sun cruises into your sign, you’ll soon be saying, “I got this!”


Craving a binge-watch session of Orange Is the New Black? You’ll be ready to hibernate come Saturday, Leo, as the Sun moves from your eleventh house of groups and friends to your twelfth house of endings and closure. If “where’s the party?” was your mantra for the past month, “where’s the couch?” is going to be your siren song for the next one. Perfect for catching up on your TV shows, but also for reading, quiet projects, and healing (think: a spa day or a trip to a crystal store). You’ve probably spent the past month frolicking as the playful Lioness, saying yes to every invite and squeezing as much into your schedule as you could (two kids’ birthday parties on Saturday? Sure, why not!). But you’re ready to be more selective with your time and energy while the Sun is in Cancer until July 22. And really, who could keep the pace with all those kids’ parties anyway?! Try a museum with the kids—even one that might be a little mature for them, to awaken some new senses in you and them. It’s not like you have to spend all day staring at paintings, but how about an hour or so, teaching them to appreciate other things in the world. This is important to you, Leo! You may find yourself a tad nostalgic for the adventures you went on as a child, maybe to that same museum, and want to impress that upon your kids. If you’re pregnant, go ahead and stare at those paintings all day. With the mood you’re likely to be in, you’ll want to find meaning in them—or at least, get lost in dreaming about life and your future when the baby arrives. If you’re on bed rest or just don’t feel like shlepping, many museums offer online galleries, like the Smithsonian, so you can explore at your own pace, without using your feet. While you’re mind is wandering, it’s a good time to also think about what kind of birth you want. Have the tablet handy so you can multitask, researching while you whittle down the DVR queue.


All work and no play—well, you know what it makes. It’s time to boogie down, Virgo. For the past month, the Sun has been in your tenth house of career and structure, which means you’ve probably been kicking butt at work and running a tight ship at home. You can expect to ride that power-vibe until Saturday, when the Sun is promoted to Cancer, your eleventh house of groups and friends. Why not celebrate all your accomplishments? An end-of-week happy hour with coworkers (or mocktails with your mom-to-be crew) could provide the right outlet for you. Pick a place where you can hear them over the music, because you’re going to crave the company and the convo. At home, why not pull together an impromptu cookout with the family or a few neighbors. Keep it simple; not everything has to be planned down to every last detail (we know you’re all about details, Virgo, but try to relax and go with the flow). The Sun will stay in Cancer until July 22, so you can feel confident dotting your calendar with lots of social commitments, and you probably won’t find yourself trying to get out of them! If you’re expecting, no matter how far along you are, this is a great time to socialize with other pregnant women, trade advice, and even dip into some online forums and subscribe to regular emails. Load up your smart phone with some helpful pregnancy apps, advising on everything from baby names to Pilates workouts. Here’s a list of the 25 best ones to try. The eleventh house also rules social causes. For moms, this is an opportunity to teach your kids about caring for others. With summer break in the U.S., why not find a local charity with a child-friendly project? We know one mom who brings her young children (ages 3 and 5) to a food pantry to help—what kid doesn’t love to sort and stack?


Bust a move, Libra—it’s time get organized! With the Sun in Gemini, your ninth house of study and higher learning, you’ve had an entire month to let your mind wander and maybe an insatiable appetite for burning through what’s on your Kindle or falling into virtual rabbit holes while you “just check Facebook for a minute.” The ninth house also rules travel, and hopefully you were lucky enough to get away for a vacation, a long weekend, even a date night. With that rejuvenating experience, you’re ready for what lies before you: the Sun moving into Cancer on Saturday until July 22, your tenth house of career and long-term plans. Get ready to get busy! If you’re pregnant, turn your attention to decluttering and building to make way for baby. After a few trips to Goodwill, if you need help reimagining your space, maybe seek the help of an architect, professional organizer or interior designer. There are great design blogs online for ideas (we like this one because you can search for ideas by color. For moms, this is a good time to update the kids’ bedrooms—is it time to ditch the Toy Story decor for something more timeless—or more current, like Minecraft? Maybe the little miss in your life is ready to put the American Girls up on a display shelf now that she’s finished playing with them. Get your kids involved in the process of redesigning and make it a family activity. Libra, this is an opportunity for you to introduce them to your good taste, and hope some of it rubs off! The tenth house also rules goals, and you may be thinking about whether or not to add to your family. If you’re pregnant, you might be obsessively fixating about the future. To soothe yourself, think short-term: try developing a birth plan and making lists of what you want to accomplish before baby arrives. Relax, it will all get doneweekly-momscope-scorpio

Step away from the baby monitor or the nanny cam, Scorpio! It’s time to put your paranoia to rest before it affects your sleep and your work irreparably (and let’s face it, you need both!). This past month you may have felt strong urges to go Big Brother on everyone, and that’s because the Sun was in Gemini, your eighth house of intimacy and bonding. In addition, you may have felt some cattiness coming from the moms at school or on the playground. But fret not: on Saturday, the Sun moves into Cancer (until July 22) and your ninth house of higher learning, morals and the big picture, so you’ll be ready to rise above it all. Those catty moms? Deal with them and then move on! The Sun’s visit to your ninth house offers a treasure trove of things to focus on that serve your higher self: travel, exploring the great outdoors, education, and entrepreneurship. So, Scorpio, where to start? If you’re pregnant, some light hikes may be in order. It will feel so good to breathe in the fresh air and stretch those sore muscles. Even if you don’t feel like going, you’ll probably feel great afterward. If you have children, a short nature walk in a local state park will help avoid ODing on screen time. In fact, try leaving the devices at home and not turning on the car DVD player—seriously! Sure the kids may protest at first, but YOUR lived without car DVD players, so it can be done! Nick Jr. even offers some free, printable car Bingo games you can bring along if the kiddos get that bored of using their imaginations. Pack a picnic lunch, too, or pick up your favorite takeout on the way. Getting in touch with nature is what you need right now, and the time spent traveling with your family will revitalize bonds. Who says you need an airplane and a suitcase?


How about slipping into something comfortable, Sagittarius? And no, we don’t mean yoga pants! The Sun moves into Cancer on Saturday, your eighth house of sex and intimacy. It’ll lounge there until July 22, so you have lots of time for lots of lovin’—make it a priority! The Sun spent the last month in Gemini, your seventh house of relationships—a chance to focus on your partner, not just what the kids need or what the baby will be like. If you let life’s hectic commitments get in between that connection, clear space so you can fully enjoy each other while the Sun is in Cancer. Chances are good that putting off intimacy wasn’t sitting well with you, anyway. If there’s an unresolved issue between you two, hash it out. This is a good time to try couples therapy if you feel it’s appropriate for something you can’t sort out on your own. Just make a plan to make it better, and then make up—in the bedroom, too! Need some mood music? Check out this list of 50 best sex songs (or, 49 songs after Let’s Get It On). If you’re expecting and one of you is worried about sex, you’re not alone; just do your research to allay your fears and your partner’s. Some women say pregnancy puts them more in the mood—we know one mama who shared that tidbit with her husband at a benefit party and let’s just say they didn’t make it to the after-party (wink, wink). The eighth house isn’t all about getting pleasure, it’s also about shared money and property. While perhaps less sexy, it just means it’s a good time to look for a new pad, if you’ve been thinking about it. Or check in with your investments, like retirement funds, to be sure you’re saving what you want to, especially with a growing family. If you’ve not yet set up a college fund, it’s a good time to do that as well.


Make it a plus-one, Capricorn. It’s time for some QT with a loved one, so get ready to book a date night or two. And how about some one-on-one time with your children, like a Mommy & Me class? If your kids are older, a mini spa day or a round of mini golf could do the trick. The Sun moves into Cancer on Saturday, your seventh house of relationships, setting the stage for some togetherness with the ones you love. This interpersonal focus will take center stage until July 22, so you have plenty of time to book a sitter and make reservations at the new not-so-kid-friendly restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Sign up for the yoga class you’ve been thinking about doing, capitalizing on the post-birth benefits. You might also want to talk to a trainer if you’re looking to lose the rest of your baby weight or if you want to have a fitter pregnancy—maybe a nutritionist too. This work will be an extension of what you started last month while the Sun was in Gemini, your sixth house of health and fitness. So you can feel like no momentum will be lost, you may reshuffle the priorities—maybe you want to snuggle on the couch with your little ones instead of kissing them goodbye for your partner to handle while you run out for the last kickboxing class of the night. How about hitting a class after camp drop-off in the morning instead? A simple switch like that may also help you shed the pressure to keep up a Wonder Woman routine (a classic Capricorn tendency!). Taking care of yourself and everyone else can be challenging, so give yourself a mental break. You don’t have to do it all! And while you’re at it, because the seventh house also rules sharing, you could ask for help delegating under this Sun. Are you taking on too much around the house, for example? For some reason it just seems like a lot of the housework falls to women—even those who work outside the home. While you’re in the relationship zone, talk it out with your partner. But this article might caution us not to ask for too much help. Seems we can never win, can we? Ah, don’t despair—a strength of your sign is engineering, so you’ll develop a plan pretty effortlessly that works for everyone—and keeps everyone happy!


What else can I throw in the blender? Aquarius, you’re about to get creative in the kitchen. (We think a smoothie of cucumber, cantaloupe and cherries tastes JUST like summer!) From Saturday until July 22, the Sun resides in Cancer, your sixth house of health and fitness. You may have a renewed focus on what you’re putting into your body. Not to say you can’t indulge a little, but you might find yourself eschewing packaged foods for fresh more than usual, stopping off at farmers’ markets, opting for the health food store over the mega grocer. If your interest in ingredients waned it’ll be back in full force. For busy moms, this is a great resource for smoothie blends—you might even get the kids to try them (and like them!). For moms of young children, try making baby food. It’s so simple and inexpensive to do. Plus, a single sweet potato makes A LOT of food (speaking from experience). Of course there are gorgeous “cookbooks” with recipes, but the little ones have such simple tastes. Go ahead and experiment; that’s part of the fun you’ll have this month. Last month, while the Sun was in Gemini, your fifth house of romance (hello chocolate-covered strawberries!) and self-expression, you may have been ignoring the appliances that are now collecting dust in the kitchen. Well now you’ll have your inspiration for using them. Speaking of appliances, have you heard of the Dessert Bullet? It’s a way of indulging without indulging—seriously! We know one very fit mama who makes these chocolate avocado pops (work with us here) and she says they’re amazing. There’s so much you can do and so much fun you can have if you just tap into your creativity. And you can get the kids involved. Chop Chop is a fun site that has ideas and recipes for real food, as opposed to just cookies, because baking is fun, but kids can learn to do more than that. They’ll be proud of their accomplishments and you’ll be proud of them—a win-win!


You’re the hostess with the mostest, Pisces. On Saturday, the Sun wraps up its time in Gemini, your fourth house of home and familyending a month of focusing on your cozy nest. The Sun grooves into Cancer, your fifth house of play and creativity, until July 22. If you’re in charge of the July 4th barbecue (for our moms in the U.S.) then you’ve got this! It’s not going to feel like a slog, either—you’re going to want to stay up past your bedtime perusing Pinterest boards for party ideas with personality. If it’s not a cookout, maybe it’s a child’s birthday party that you’re planning. Or, if there’s nothing official on the calendar, make your own party! How about one at a town park with a pool? That way you don’t have to worry about cleanup (before and after). While the Sun is in your celebratory fifth house, you’re going to want to make a big deal of any milestones—last day of school, first day of camp, a new trimester, etc. The fifth house also rules romance and after tapping into your childlike spirit for a party, you could use a little party time of another kind with your partner. You might take yourself by surprise, too, expressing your desires unabashedly—and therein lies a great opportunity to strengthen your intimacy. If you’re expecting, this could be really important, because your partner may be unsure about whether or not to be intimate. (Here’s pretty much every topic covered on the subject from the Mayo Clinic). If you’re thinking about adding to your family, this is a good time to try because the fifth house also rules fertility. Oh, baby!

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