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It’s official: Cancer Jessica Simpson and her fiance, ex-NFLer Eric Johnson (who’s either a Virgo or a Libra), are expecting a baby. Cancer is the sign of the mother, so we’re not too worried about Jessica’s maternal instincts kicking in. And since Cancer women are usually super-close with their own mothers (when they’re not…hello, lifelong issues), we expect that Jessica’s mom Tina, a Capricorn, will be heavily involved with the baby. Unlike sister Ashlee, a more outwardly independent Libra, Cancer women don’t always have the same need to fly so far from the nest.

So how did she go from traditional virgin bride (the Nick-and-Jessica years) to planning a shotgun wedding? Well, she’s gone through her Saturn return, a period everyone experiences around age 29, which causes people to mature–often through hard lessons. (We think of it as a cosmic Bar Mitzvah, without the party and presents.) During this time, Jessica weathered a few humiliating breakups and lost her beloved dog. More importantly, she broke away from her Aquarius dad Joe a bit, becoming more of her own woman—and probably getting that whole tuna-or-chicken thing straightened out for once and for all. Or so it seems.

Cancers also have  Jupiter in their unconventional eleventh house this year, making them uncharacteristically bohemian. Putting the carriage before the marriage? Only during this short window of time (June 2011-June 2012).

So what’s ahead? Jessica will be in full mama-goddess mode by next summer, when Jupiter goes into her dreamy twelfth house for a year. There may be a couple of post-partum issues, but more likely, she’ll bring her quirky glamour to parenting. A reality show of celebrity motherhood? Jessica Simpson maternity and a baby lines? Oh, probably.

Now, we’re looking forward to hearing the due date (and taking bets on the baby’s star sign), reported to be spring 2011.

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