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February 27th, 2012
DIY Theater Stage For Your Dreamy, Little Pisces Child.

 Theatrical Pisces loves to be on stage, especially if they are singing and dancing in tap shoes or ballet slippers. Get them involved in a performance at a young age, especially if they can dress up.  But, as with most kids their theatrics are usually saved for home so why not celebrate their flare for  the art of self- expression and let them indulge away.  If you are a crafty mom  you will love this DIY Puppet theater.  If you are not a crafty mom, find a crafty friend, crafty auntie, uncle or grandma and let them be your little one’s favorite person.  I turned my garage into a stage and with one click of the remote, a bag of old Star Wars costumes, three fake mustaches, and box of Mardi Gras beads.  Good Luck.

DIY Puppet Theater

Look at me, I am a Pisces!

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