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September 13th, 2012
Finds for your Virgo Child

I’d be willing to bet that there are more Virgos on Pinterest than any other sign.  Just think of the appeal- craftiness and DIY all organized in neat little boards that they control.  This, my friends, is a Virgo wonderland.  So, until the day your little Virgo tot grows up and gets their own account, here are some things to keep them busy and delight them from our Virgo child Pinterest board .

The Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is perfect for the Virgo who longs to stitch.  You’ll make their day, and they’ll make their doll clothes.
This T-shirt by Eggagogo on Etsy may be perfect expression of a Virgo child’s feelings in an unstructured family.
Virgo kids can be finicky eaters.  Score some points by taking these creative and organized lunch ideas from
The simplicity of a black and white room appeals to the Virgo.  (
This loom from Harrisville Designs will excite the crafty Virgo, and you might even get a scarf made by your crafty kid.
The Know It All Pencil Set from Reform School is perfect for the Virgo who always knows the answer (or definitely wants to know it).

Do you have a Virgo child in your life?  What sort of things do they love?  What do you think is the best part about raising a Virgo?

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