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October 13th, 2011
Jack Osbourne, Daddy-to-Be


Tali does a chart reading for Jack Osbourne at the Sundance Film Festival

Scorpio Jack Osbourne, son of rock legend Ozzy (a Sagittarius) and metal mama Sharon (a Libra) is gonna be a dad! 

Jack, 25, is engaged to actress/model Lisa Stelly after four months of dating. Kinda fast, sure, but Scorpio IS the sign of extremes. When Scorps do something, they do it all the way! Thank goodness their instincts are usually spot-on, so we hope his were. When this sign falls in love, there’s no turning back. (Can you say obsession?) Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the “bonding” planet. While Scorpios don’t trust lightly, when they finally let themselves get attached, it’s for a lifetime.

How will Jack be as a parent? We predict a doting dad in the making. Scorpio men can be among the most nurturing fathers, often happily playing the role of stay-at-home papa. Scorpios are mama’s boys, too, so he’ll surely be dialing Sharon for diapering and feeding advice. Further proof of some residual apron strings? IMDB lists Jack’s fiance as a Libra, the same sign as his mum.

And if the two Libra ladies get too airy-fairy or distracted when baby starts toddling around? Sister Kelly, a fierce Scorpio, will step in. A Scorpio auntie will crack the whip, making sure the baby isn’t completely spoiled. (Note to moms who hate disciplining: keep a Scorpio female friend in your “village.” They never mind playing the bad cop, and they’re able to do it lovingly. In fact, it was Scorpio madre Hillary Clinton who popularized the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” See?)

A few years ago, Tali had the pleasure of meeting Jack at the Sundance Film Festival, where we were doing astrology readings for Backstage Creations‘ celebrity swag room. Jack was a total sweetheart, and even called Sharon to find out what time he was born so that Tali could cast his full chart. He listened intently, in observant Scorpio style.

Although Libra women and Scorpio men might have a few differences to work through, they can also balance each other out. Libra Gwen Stefani and Scorpio Gavin Rossdale are doing just that with little Kingston and Zuma. As with them, the paparazzi are far more likely to catch Libra mama playing in the park. Scorpio dads keep their business behind closed doors, while Libra moms never met a camera lens they didn’t like. (Why else get all dolled up for the playground, right?)

What’s going to be far more interesting to watch? Ozzy “Prince of Darkness” Osbourne as grandpa. Then again, we’re not worried there either. Anyone else remember how affectionate he was with his dogs on The Osbournes? This mischievous Sag granddad will be the one who clowns around with the baby—and relaxes the rules more than anyone!

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