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The Libra Mom: September 23-October 22

The Libra mommy knows how to stop and smell the roses, and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. You can have a magical effect on your family, giving them the sense that everything is going to be okay. The kids had a tough day at school? You treat them to a decadent ice cream sundae, a mani-pedi or a trip to the zoo. Libras love to snap photos, and you’ll take the time to make commemorative slideshows, or even print up bound photo books for every stage of their lives. If your kids happen to crayon a mural on the wall, well, you’ll just consider it their first masterpiece.

Your parenting dream is that your children have all the best experiences—preferably with you by their side. Family trips to Europe (or anywhere in the world), cultural expeditions, you want to expose them to all that life can offer, even if that means pulling them out of school for a week. Because Libra rules the zodiac’s seventh house of relationships, you’re adept at putting your own partnership first. A “martyr mommy” you ain’t! There will be no cancelled date nights unless a feverish kiddie’s temperature hits 102. This can actually set a good romantic role model for your children, who may grow up wishing to follow in your footsteps—you know how to be treated like a lady, not a servant!…..READ MORE >


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