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September 28th, 2012
Lovelies for the Libra

Perhaps you’ve been blessed with a fair-minded, beauty-loving Libra in your household. Yes, there may well be many tiaras and tutus around or in your future, but these sweet-natured tots also have an aesthetic sense that can rival Dwell magazine. This may be the sign where you can relax when giving them carte blanche decorating their own room; no garish tastes here. Here are some lovelies that we hope will please the good taste of your little Libra.

high tea 3 tier tea and cupcake set If you want to play tea with a Libra, make it high tea.  Try a 3 tier tea and cupcake stand from HighTeaForAlice on Etsy.
  Libras love dolls, and no one makes a more fashionable and beautiful doll than Jess Brown.
Nobody can pull off a sweet, girly headband like a Libra.  This one from Snugars on Etsy is perfect.
Libras love a celebration.  They can throw birthday celebrations for all their friends and dolls with this wooden toy cake from Le Toy Van.
  This amazing photograph from the Huella Ecologica 2 calendar always make me think of Libras who plant love where ever they go.
  These paper dolls are a modern play on an old favorite.  They include a doll who is a poet and one who is an astronomer.

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