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July 11th, 2012
Lovelies for your Cancer child

Happy Birthday, Cancer kids!  While I can’t say I know a single Cancer child personally, I was blessed with a Cancer Mother-in-Law.  Much like many Cancers, she is the queen of domestic endeavors and homemaking.  Add to that that she uses her natural nurturing to teach special needs children, and I’d say she does the sign proud.  It’s no surprise that she has made handmade dolls and amazing pictures to decorate my daughter’s room.  (Everyone should have a Cancer grandma!)

I’ve used her as inspiration for my Cancer kids finds.  I think I’ve found some crabulous things to delight your Crab.  For more ideas, see our Cancer Pinterest boards.

Your domestic Cancer can bake away making these felt Sunday morning muffins for a tea party.  (AmericanFeltandCraft on Etsy)
Cancers are all about family.  Lovely family tree print from
  Homemade placemat aprons would be a fun project to do with your crafty Cancer.  They will love wearing it while helping you in the kitchen.  Tutorial by Made.
  A bed surrounded by a curtain would be perfect in your Cancer’s bedroom.  Cancers enjoy alone time and cozy, private spaces.  This one is ceiling mounted and was featured on Apartment Therapy.
These cozy house slippers are made by Woolybaby on Etsy.
Love this crabtastic lunch bag from Darling Clementine.  Be sure to let your Cancer child help with packing their lunch.  They enjoy it!

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