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The Aries woman has a full life, and while you make the requisite sacrifices for your kids, eschewing your identity will never be one of them. You continue pursuing advanced degrees, setting up businesses, and taking kid-free vacations guiltlessly. Feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem is an Aries, and while she never had any biological kids, she mothered a movement that was all about women being treated with fairness and equality. Sounds good to you (and us!). Aries mothers know the importance of “me” time, a tip many a martyr-mom could take from you. Your children get the appropriate message that adults have different privileges than kids, and this sense of hierarchy (in the right proportion) actually makes them feel safe. While you may not be your kids’ best friend during their childhood, they respect you—which means that you could experience a much deeper bond when they grow up. 


Have you ever seen parents who seem a little bit…afraid…of their own kids? Strange but true. Yet, it’s a notion completely unthinkable to the Aries mom. In your household, no means no, and there’s no pleading, plea bargaining or mincing words. Yes, PC parents may look shocked when you march your screaming toddler off the playground, or threaten to open that proverbial can of whup-ass in the middle of the produce aisle. One Aries mom we know just has “the look”—and that’s all it takes to get her shivering kiddies back in line. While your obedience training techniques raise eyebrows, most psychologists agree that boundaries help kids feel safe, because they know where they stand. Your kids have no question of where they’re positioned on the “I’m in trouble” spectrum. And while they’ll probably rebel anyway, they’ll have a template of appropriate behavior to guide them back to safety.


Mama Mia! Your Challenges & Issues


zodiacguides-ariesCompetitive mommying, anyone? Aries love to be the best at whatever they do, and you take fierce pride in all your methods and opinions. But there’s a fine line between high standards and perfectionism. The world is hard enough on mothers as it is! When you find yourself getting all “sancti-mommy” about organic produce or childproofing, recognize that you probably just need to be acknowledged as an incredible mom. You put SO much thought into all that you do, and you yearn (and deserve!) to be recognized for that. Since you generally have too much pride to ask for that pat on the back, the suppressed need can come out in weird ways, such as bragging. An idea: set up a weekly praise-fest with a fellow mama, where you take turns acknowledging each other for how smart, savvy and amazing the other one is. That way, you can feel great, and avoid inadvertently pressuring your kids to be junior Einsteins or live up to impossible Tiger Mom standards.


Aries is a fire sign, ruled by warrior planet Mars. When you’re pissed off, people know it. (Who REALLY needs the time-out chair here?) Since your sign rules the face, frustrations can meld themselves into a fearsome expression on your mug. While it’s positive (to a point) for kids to know you have a range of emotions, too much raging can scare the little ones. Joan Crawford (of “Mommie Dearest” fame) was an Aries. Sure, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have any wire hanger bans in your household. But even if your anger is directed at someone else—that crazy driver, the rude maitre’d, a clueless teacher—it can permeate the space, making your kids walk on eggshells. Even though it stems from a protective instinct, you’ll need to make a special point of managing your fiery temper. A little patience—with yourself and your kids—goes a long way. Choose your battles!

Famous Aries Mamas: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Gosselin

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