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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s a sisterly vibe that emerges when you two kindred spirits meet. Both you and your Aquarius mother-in-law prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Though you may be marching in different directions, she’ll respect your right to carve your own niche–in fact, she’ll encourage it. Originality is big on her list of desirable qualities. If you choose to have an unconventional living arrangement with her son, or raise your kids in a yurt, she’ll be all for your experimentalism.

You both have an offbeat outlook on family units that is anything but conventionally nuclear. Friends often double as adopted relatives for Aquarians. Joining her clan with yours might require a huge convention hall for celebrations and gatherings. As far as you’re both concerned–the more, the merrier. You’re both humanitarians and will collaborate well on any volunteering or charitable effort that brings goodwill to the masses.


Where You Clash

Aquarians prefer to keep life drama free, but at times this can actually CAUSE drama. Trying to be detached and logical isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, emotions are needed in order for the other one to feel empathized with. Be careful not to breeze over the other’s feelings in the rare moments when they are expressed. This can be totally hurtful. 

You can both be so free-spirited that you forget important occasions in each other’s lives. While it’s fine to put adventure at a high premium, there are times when family needs to come first. You’ll both struggle with this which may leave the other feeling neglected at times.

A competitive vibe can emerge between you two intellectuals. You may both feel pressured to say something smart or thought provoking. Talk about exhausting! Lower the bar a little with a dose of good, campy humor. Otherwise, you could miss out on the fun times. 

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