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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Cancer and Aquarius are highly creative so sharing ideas will be incredibly inspiring for you two. Your mother-in-law views the world from the eyes of a truly original thinker. You’re drawn to people whose minds work like hers. She’s sure to spark your artistic streak and get you thinking outside the box. In turn, your stick-to-it energy will inspire Aquarius to finish a few projects that have been gathering dust in her studio. 

You can be shy about meeting new people while your Aquarius mother-in-law was born to socialize. She’ll bring you out of your shell and introduce you to some fascinating folks. Since you both love to travel, family trips will be a fun experience. Your mother-in-law will draw new folks into conversation–especially the locals–making the trip a thousand times richer than if you were simply peering at a guidebook.  

Where You Clash

Cancer is a homebody who loves to nurture and be nurtured by family. Aquarius is a free spirit who needs to be out exploring the world. You may feel downright neglected by your outgoing mother-in-law. Don’t expect her to attend every Fourth of July barbecue and Thanksgiving feast at your home. Those are prime traveling times and she might just be doing yoga in an ashram in India.

Family comes first for Cancer and you like to keep your inner circle small and intimate. Aquarius feels connected to the human race at large and doesn’t discriminate between friends and blood relatives. You’ll find this trait infuriating–especially when your mother-in-law shows up to a family function with an uninvited guest and chats with her in the corner the whole time. Trying to get some one-on-one time will be an exercise in frustration. You’ll have to develop a thick skin here or constantly get your feelings hurt.

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