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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs and your skills complement each other’s nicely.  Leo brings the glamour, starpower, and over-the-top creativity. Aquarius adds doses of true originality and gathers together a team of people to share in the enthusiasm. Planning family functions with your mother-in-law gives you both a chance to shine. These events will take on a grander, more theatrical scale than either of you envisioned on your own–not to mention a huge guests list. You’ll surely create some great memories for your relatives to enjoy and keep alive year after year.

You’re both super social and would prefer to be around a group of people than alone. With your similar temperaments, you’ll have a good time hitting the town with your mother-in-law. You’re both adventurous and open-minded, so she’ll always be up for a field trip, especially if you’re driving beyond city limits. The two of you are great playmates for each other and your connection is more sisterly than anything else.


Where You Clash

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, and it’s most obvious seen in your need for attention. Leo puts intensive thought into every word you say, text, or type. Your Aquarius mother-in-law totally misses the significance of such expressions–she’s too busy feeling out vibes to pick up on the details like these. She may mindlessly breeze right past your feelings with a wave of her hand or a quick scan and delete of your thoughtful (but loooong) e-mail.  Ouch.

 Leo longs for deep and meaningful female bonding. Aquarius likes to keep people at a comfortable distance, at least at first. Your mother-in-law is a bit of a tomboy where you’re a girlie girl. You’ll wish your she would open up and share more personal details about herself. Trying to extract this information is like getting blood from a stone. She doesn’t view the world the same way you do and often misses the cues on things that are more traditionally associated with being female–for example, like being ruled by emotions.

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