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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Aquarius and Pisces are attracted to offbeat people and will enjoy socializing together. Your mother-in-law is a skilled networker and can introduce you to the perfect people to help you actualize many of your big plans. Hosting a book club or a salon-style gathering together would be a great way to connect and bring together your varied and interesting friends who are sure to click.

Is it fate? There seems to be a greater purpose for the two of you meeting beyond just the fact that you both love her son. Aquarius and Pisces share a humanitarian vision for the world. Your Aquarius mother-in-law has compassion for the less fortunate just like you do. Join forces on a charitable event or volunteer effort. The two of you could start a successful nonprofit together if you find a common cause that moves you. 


Where You Clash

Your whimsical Aquarius mother-in-law gets herself in all kinds of interesting messes. This can activate the rescuer in Pisces who feels compelled to come up with bailout plans for your mother-in-law’s sticky situations. You both tend to overextend yourselves by doing favors for other people or piling ambitious plans into your calendars.  A codependent relationship can emerge where you and your mother-in-law are always rushing in to the save for each other. This can strain family ties and cause you to resent one another.

Emotions are the air Pisces breathes; they are like alien invasions to your mother-in-law’s soul. You may feel like you’re dealing with a robot at times when you try talking to her about how she feels. She’s more apt to tell you how she thinks or offer a philosophical viewpoint. A word of advice: go elsewhere when you need a nurturing hug. If you run to her with problems too many times, her shoulder could turn cold. She’ll certainly lend support, but it’s more likely to be logical than touchy-feely.  

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