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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Say hello to your new best friend. You’re both free spirits who never want to grow up. Like a pair of rebellious teens you and your mother-in-law enjoy breaking the rules of conventionality. Family celebrations should be mighty interesting when the two of you join forces. Forget about a traditional holiday with all the trimmings. We’re talking themed costume parties with a karaoke machine or a live band here.

All things New Age and holistic appeal to your signs. You’ll swap information about acupuncturists, massage therapists, and which foods are best bought organic. Fun field trips for the two of you would range from group meditations to yoga retreats to trips to an organic farmer’s market. Welcome to 1967!


Where You Clash

You’re pretty far out there sometimes, Sagittarius but your Aquarius mother-in-law can make you look like a total square. She’s eccentric in ways that you simply wouldn’t think to be. This is inspiring, but it can also be draining. Your mother-in-law may seem flighty, immature, or irresponsible at times. This is one sign that can bring out your maternal instincts. A rare role reversal can occur where you’re helping your mother-in-law grow up and get her act together.

Fire sign Sagittarius is passionate and expressive. Air sign Aquarius is cool and logical. At times you may be frustrated by your mother-in-law’s seeming lack of enthusiasm. You may work hard to please or entertain her with little response. In turn, she may feel overwhelmed by your zeal. 

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