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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s a meeting of the minds between Scorpio and Aquarius. You both admire revolutionary thinkers and could have some amazing discussions about everyone from Karl Marx to Gloria Steinem. Your mother-in-law is a voracious reader just like you. Foster the intellectual connection by attending lectures together and starting a salon or book club for your erudite friends. 

Originality ranks high as a quality you both admire in people. Your Aquarius mother-in-law will be overjoyed if you design an unconventional wedding ceremony. She may even get ordained just so she can officiate the affair. You both hate to be pressured to open up before you’re ready to. Fortunately, the Aquarius mother-in-law is not the type to encroach on your space. This creates the right conditions for you to warm up to her. Your relationship will progress at an organic pace that’s comfortable for both of you.


Where You Clash

Sensitive Scorpio puts great care into all that you do. Your attentiveness to details may be lost on your Aquarius mother-in-law. Her head may be too far in the clouds to tune in to what’s right in front of her face. This pushes Scorpio’s buttons in a big way. You’ll find it frustrating that she doesn’t appreciate the time and effort you’ve expended. You’ll have to work hard not to take her spaciness personally. She’s not ignoring you, she’s just drifted to another planet temporarily. 

With your strong Scorpio senses, you have a low tolerance for most people. Their annoying traits flash at you like a neon sign that you find impossible to ignore and aggravating to endure. Your Aquarius mother-in-law seems drawn to the very people you detest–the eccentric show-offs who work your last nerve. Then there’s the fact that she becomes friends with just about everyone on the planet. You simply can’t understand why she is so undiscriminating. You may feel wary about inviting her over or letting her babysit your future children. Who knows who she’ll bring around? Your screening process is hardcore and her crowd rarely makes the cut. Socializing together could prove difficult here.

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