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Aquarius Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Staying in above-par health is a fixation for both Virgo and Aquarius. You both strive to look and feel better with each passing year–and you’ve both amassed a wealth of great knowledge on how to do so. Attend health fairs together, take a vegan cooking class or a weekly yoga class. Aquarius is a great motivator and your mother-in-law will make sure you learn to prioritize your needs.

Aquarius is a big picture person, Virgo is all about the details. When you put your skills together, you make a powerful team. Your mother-in-law can dream up some wacky ideas that would never cross your mind. All the same, you find this to be an admirable trait. Set aside your preconceived notions, and help her turn her offbeat dreams into realities. You’ll have a blast playing like a couple of kids and surprising the world with your innovative results.


Where You Clash

Nag alert! Virgo likes to give advice and with her somewhat messy life, your Aquarius mother-in-law may seem to really need it.  While it feels good to be helpful, make sure that you live and let live here. There may be a feeling that you’re constantly trying to psychoanalyze or improve your mother-in-law. This can become a draining activity since she is the type who likes to learn from her mistakes. Back off and let her make them.

Virgo thrives when there are clear-cut rules and structures. Once you know the deal, you are free to be creative. Your Aquarius mother-in-law is the extreme opposite. She’d rather just feel out the vibes than spend time listening to directions. This could be problematic when it comes time for her to visit your home. The rules and boundaries you’ve spent so much time putting into place will go in one ear and out the other with her. Be flexible and prepare to remind her of your wishes over and over again.

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