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Aries Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Aries and Capricorn are powerhouse Superwomen who generally rise to the top in your careers. You’re both big-picture visionaries who know how to delegate tasks and manage large groups of people. You’ll share the role of Chief Matriarch in the family, but never forget that Aries is president and you’re VP.

Status matters to both of your achievement-oriented signs. You like to do things the “proper” way and can be surprisingly prim and ladylike at times. You’ll share some good, old-fashioned Victorian values when it comes to dating, marriage and family. Neither of you is overly affectionate, so you won’t have to suffer through any awkward hugs. Like a pair of society ladies you’ll enjoy “lunching” together in your pearls and white gloves. It’s a bit like playing 1940s dress-up, which is a game you both enjoy.


Where You Clash

Both Aries and Capricorn can be total workaholics. Unless you start a business together, planning time together could be a challenge. You may need your secretaries to book appointments–either way, advance planning is necessary. You’ll have to make an added effort not to cancel since Aries fumes if she feels her time is wasted. 

You may feel hesitant to open up to each other because you can’t quite read the other’s personality and style. She is glitzy and you are understated. Socially, she could upset your carefully manicured world with her loud and pushy ways. She’s not subtle at all, and this can embarrass a Capricorn. It may take years before you become close. Grandkids may be the ties that finally bind you. 

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