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Aries Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

It’s a total lovefest when you two fire sign divas meet.  You’ll find lots to admire about each other: you’re both saucy, sassy, creative women who love to dress up and turn heads. Your Aries mother-in-law may quickly become your favorite companion for Girls’ Days/Nights Out. She has a lower tolerance for crowds than you do, but you both love rubbing shoulders with the fabulous and fashionable.

Leo and Aries are students of life. Both signs tend to be educated and accomplished–you never stop growing. You’ll remind your mother-in-law of herself. (This is a good thing since Aries really, really love themselves.) The only drawback? She may be particularly hard on you if you reflect back those few parts of herself that she wants to improve.


Where You Clash

Two starlets, one stage—this could become a diva duel if you don’t monitor the competitive vibe. When your mother-in-law shares something about her life, you’ll automatically want to tell a similar story about yourself–and vice versa. Unfortunately, this has the affect of leaving you both feeling unimportant. Let Aries finish her story first, without interruption. She’ll more appreciate the fact that you listened than knowing how much you can relate. 

Affectionate Leo likes to be coddled, but your Aries mother-in-law is not the most nurturing type. She needs some distance, which you may take personally. Leo doesn’t believe families should keep secrets from each other. Aries guards her personal biz with the might of a CIA agent. She may feel like you’ve got “too much information” disease while you’ll be hurt and enraged at how closed up she can be.


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