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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s very little common ground between Cancer and Aquarius. In some ways it may feel like your new mother-in-law is an alien transported from the 1950s. When she begins plying you with baked goods and girl talk, you’ll be initially confused. After a few rounds of this game, you’ll be hooked. The nurturing mom is a breath of fresh air to your gypsy soul. After years spent being a tomboy, she’ll teach you to respect the “feminine arts” without compromising your power.

Cancer’s hands-on mothering style is a huge relief to Aquarius. With work, hobbies, friends and volunteering, you’ve always got your hands in so many pots. Your Cancer mother-in-law is like a guardian angel, rushing in to the rescue with offers to pick up your mail while you’re on vacation, feed the cat, and babysit the kids. Simply put, she makes your life easier. As long as you thank her repeatedly for it and praise her to your husband (“what would we do without your mom?!”) you’ll be hooked up ongoingly. Score!


Where You Clash

Your active social life keeps you away from home frequently, and this could worry the hands-on Cancer mom. Is her son being well taken care of? If she had her druthers, she would have chosen someone a little more conventional for him to marry. It may feel like the jury is eternally out on whether or not she approves of you. You can help put her fears to rest by communicating with her more regularly. Even a weekly call would be better than nothing. She is keeping score of who phones who, by the way, so be sure you are the one doing the dialing sometimes. 

She’s hung up on kids in ways that are foreign to you. The pressure to produce grandkids will be immense and intense in this relationship. You are all about sowing your wild oats before you hunker down into mommy mode. Explaining this to her will be an exercise in futility. Grr.

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