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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Aries Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Aries and Cancer are powerful women who believe in supporting the sisterhood. Joining women’s groups together could be an ideal way to bond. She’s usually the head of at least one committee and will appreciate your natural leadership abilities as well–provided you don’t step on her turf.

Cancer is the nurturing mother type who likes to keep her chicks close to the nest. Aries like to be babied. She likes cooking and you like being fed. She’s got a cozy home and you love kicking back on a comfy couch. She likes babysitting and you like dropping off the kids with a caretaker while you conquer the world. Your mother-in-law’s innate gifts are well received in your world. It’s a perfect fit as long as you never, ever forget to say thank you.


Where You Clash

Aries has a sense of entitlement that Cancer finds outrageous. You may inadvertently take her gifts for granted–and then there will be hell to pay. She’s feeding you with a smile on her face for the umpteenth time, but don’t you dash off without an offer to do the dishes. Polite gestures mean everything to her. No, she won’t let you scrub the pots, but she needs you to compliment her amazing cooking and give her the requisite, “what would we do without you?!” show of gratitude. Fail to do this, and she’ll make sure everyone in the family knows what an obnoxious diva you are. Her freeze out is worse than the Cold War.

Aries is “me” oriented, while Cancer plays the suffering martyr role. Her guilt trips will drive you insane. You’ll be baffled, wondering why can’t she just ASK for what she needs instead of dropping vague hints.

You both need a good deal of attention from her son and the competition could get fierce. You’d be wise to encourage regular calls or visits between the two of them. If she thinks he’s abandoning her, she’ll only become more demanding.

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