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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Bring on the vintage furniture, lace doilies, and three-hanky romance novels. You’re both girlie girls at heart with a fondness for the domestic arts. Creating a cozy home and a rich family environment are as necessary to you as food and water.

Relatives will come to each of you for warm hugs and chicken soup. You’ll enjoy the company of each other’s home, but will have to divide up who hosts which holiday to avoid competition.

You’re both lovers of high culture. Bond over field trips to the symphony, opera, art museums, and architectural tours of Gilded Age homes. Avid readers and travelers you can enjoy sightseeing the world together.  Expect to be invited on some five-star family vacations with her. If you’re lucky she may even pick up the tab for you and your husband. There will always be plenty of Kleenex, aspirin, binoculars, maps, and much-needed snack food in both of your purses. 


Where You Clash

She won’t push you to open up before you’re ready—but be assured she will find out who you are and what your intentions are with her son. You’re going to have to come out of your shell sooner or later. You are a sweet one, but she knows that everyone has a dark side too. Open up to her about some of your fears and insecurities before she has to pry them out of you. You don’t have to tell her your deepest secrets, but do take a risk in opening up. This makes a compassionate Cancer melt. She’ll only opens up after you have. Trouble is, you’re the exact same way. Want a peaceful life with her son? Bite the bullet and expose your soft underbelly first. 

You’re both alpha females who want to be number one in her son’s life. The competition could be a fiercely passive-aggressive war if you let yourself get swept up in it. The more you ice her out, the more she’ll push her way in. She will be involved in your life. Period. Surrender your husband to “joint custody with liberal visitation rights.” 

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