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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Family and old friends mean the world to both Cancer and Capricorn. Your mother-in-law will appreciate your sense of loyalty to your relatives. She’ll also enjoy blending her family with yours. You love learning about your husband’s lineage and your Cancer mother-in-law will be eager to take you climbing through the family tree. She’ll give you ample stories about his life to pass on to your own kids one day. 

Cancer can be a little bit of a snob, but you’re not bothered by it. Your mother-in-law is discerning about who enters her life, a quality you can relate to. You both enjoy being a part of elite groups and clubs. You often run for President and she takes on the role of Secretary or Treasurer. When it comes to organizing family functions, the two of you are a great tag team. Your direct style of leadership keeps the troops on task. She’s the nurturer who keeps everyone motivated by bringing cupcakes or pizza for a thank you treat. 


Where You Clash

Climbing the corporate ladder is a Capricorn addiction. Your less-ambitious Cancer mother-in-law may judge you for being so focused on your work. You may find her homemaker ways downright old fashioned and wonder why she doesn’t get a life. Before you hire the private chef, housekeeper and nanny bear in mind that this may give your mother-in-law a heart attack. She’d sooner move next door and help you out herself. In her mind, it’s a bonus chance to be closer to her son and grandkids–something she lives for. 

Cancer is artsy while Capricorn is practical. She may try to inject cultural edification lessons into your life. You’d rather train for a marathon than learn the finer points of a Verdi opera. She’s an indulgent eater which troubles health-nut Capricorn. Does she want you to gain thirty pounds in your first year of marriage? When she shows up with the umpteenth box of cookies during your juice cleanse, you may have to spell it out to her in no uncertain terms: Ma, please stop tempting me! 

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