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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Break out the cameras and snap away. A love of photography is probably the biggest common bond you share. You both have artistic eyes that can radar in on Kodak moments. Although they’ll be quite different, you’ll admire each other’s creative styles and will enjoy borrowing tips and ideas. The same holds true for fashion–you’re both quite stylish and neither one of you is afraid to flash a little décolletage. Peeking into each other’s colorful and edgy wardrobes could be quite inspiring. Cancer is the mother-in-law you’ll love shopping with.

When it comes to kids, you’re both quite playful. Grandkids (should you choose to provide them for her) will definitely be a bonding force. There’s no better babysitter on the planet than her. She’ll love hosting slumber parties while you and your husband enjoy Date Night.


Where You Clash

You’re a bit of a motormouth who loves to verbalize all your observations and opinions. Your reserved Cancer mother-in-law may find you to be a bit of a loose cannon. She’s not one to compete for airtime in conversations. If she gets silent for too long, it doesn’t mean she’s being a good listener. It means she can’t get a word in edgewise, so pipe down and let her add her two cents.

Her obsessions over homemaking seem terribly old fashioned to you–she makes Martha Stewart look like a slob! You may feel her judging your cooking, cleaning and décor with an annoyingly vigilant eye. She can be a gossip, so don’t be surprised if her commentary comes to you through the grapevine. Grrr. 

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