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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both natural mothers who come to life when kids are around. Planning a birthday party or outing for the young ones in the family could be a delightful way to join forces. You both believe in the power of education, so you will see eye-to-eye on raising the grandkids. More books, less TV and computer time–that’s a shared philosophy. 

Leo and Cancer are both ultra sensitive signs. Forget about logic. The world of emotions is where you both dwell. She’ll innately understand your mood swings and why you were brought to tears when a perfect stranger was mean to you. Where others may see you as a drama queen, she’ll have a world of compassion. It feels great to be understood, at long last.


Where You Clash

You’re both a bit dramatic when it comes to your emotions. It’s easy to rub each other the wrong way–especially when your larger-than-life Leo personality outshines her shyer Cancer style. It’s possible that she’ll even be a tad jealous of how outgoing you are. Make an extra effort to include her in group gatherings. She needs your encouragement to open up. The alternative could be ugly–she’ll shut down and ice you out. Note: it may take years to thaw out her frozen heart.

She may find you to be a bit of a diva–especially when it comes to your cash. She simply can’t understand why you would pay full price for anything. Her penny-pinching drives you insane. You wish she’d stop talking about how expensive everything is. That’s just tacky in your world. When she pulls out a pack of clipped coupons at the grocery store, you may have to bite your tongue.

 You’re protective of your husband and may find her mothering style to be a bit critical and controlling. When Leo loves, the object of your affection can do no wrong. Can’t she just get off his back already? Be careful about getting in the middle. Though it may seem like an act of loyalty to defend him, you could quickly make an enemy out of this Eternal Mother.   

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