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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Cancer and Sagittarius both love to travel and the two of you make great vacation buddies. Your Cancer mother-in-law will remind you to bring sensible shoes. She’ll always have a map, snacks, and a bottle of water in her bag. This is the perfect compliment to freewheeling Sag who is so eager to get out the door that you forget to bring the essentials. Conversely, you’ll be the social ambassador on this trip. She may be shy at first, but you’ll coax her out of her shell during the journey. She’ll make more new friends on one vacation with you than she has in years. 

Fashion-forward Cancer and gypsy girl Sagittarius make great shopping buddies. You both love colorful vintage clothes and offbeat home accessories. Trolling flea markets, street fairs and antique shops for treasures is a great way to bond. You’ve both got great senses of humor. Sagittarius is loud and bawdy while Cancer is wry and cynical. You’re sure to crack each other up–she’ll even appreciate your raunchy jokes as long as you don’t shout them out in a public place that might embarrass her.


Where You Clash

She’s tight-lipped about personal issues while you let it all hang out. What seems like no big deal to you could be a huge source of embarrassment for her. She doesn’t like having her obvious shortcomings pointed out EVER. No, not even if you have the most sage advice to offer. Wait for her to ask for your words of wisdom before you spout off.

Sagittarius is friendly with the entire world, where Cancer likes to limit her circle to a close-knit crew. You may find her social style to be limited and clique-y. She may view you as a superficial schmoozer who is more of a politician than a trustworthy ally. When she asks you to join one of her elite women’s groups (pearls required), you may balk at the invitation. It may not be your style, but attending a meeting or two would be a good political move.

When it comes to grandkids, you will feel the pressure from her. Sagittarius is often on the fence about parenting and your mother-in-law will not understand. Expect to be nagged and needled often.

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