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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both traditional, domestic caretaker types with a knack for creating a warm and nurturing home. You’ll love swapping gardening tips, flipping through photo albums, and sharing childhood stories. A cozy bubble is formed when you merge into her family. You’ll be calling her “mom” in no time flat. Hopefully her son enjoys visiting her since you’ll soon be dropping by for an evening cup of tea or calling her to share news from the day. This warms her heart to no end. 

Family celebrations are a big deal to both of you. Planning for the holiday season starts for you both shortly after the Fourth of July. Your ideas on parenting dovetail nicely too, although she’s likely to spoil the grandkids where you believe they should earn their keep. 

You innately trust each other–and Cancers don’t trust anyone easily. Overall, this should be a peaceful and pleasant in-law relationship. 


Where You Clash

Taurus is direct in communication where your Cancer mother-in-law drops hints. There’s no shame in your game when it comes to personal issues, but don’t rush her to open up before she’s ready. The more you push, the more she’ll retreat, slowing down your bonding process.

You can be a bit bossy, especially with her son. Be careful not to “out-mother” her. She is and always will be the woman who brought him into this world. It’s essential to her that this fact be respected by both of you. Avoid pulling your husband into the middle where he has to choose between the wishes of you and Mommy.  You may win a battle, but you’ll lose the war. She is the alpha female here. Period.

You can both be, ahem, frugal with your funds but don’t cut corners with each other. While it’s fine to pick up a great item on sale, you both have an eye for quality. Trying to pass off a cheapo item (that includes groceries) on each other could be a majorly offensive move. Also, if you buy her gift on the clearance rack, keep that little fact to yourself. 

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