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Cancer Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Meet your new BFF. Virgos and Cancers have similar interests and outlooks on life. She’ll be happy her son picked a wife so much life her–a real caretaker. While she’s definitely more of a softie than you, neither one of you can resist cooing over a puppy, kitten, or small child.

Complaining is a favorite pastime for you both–it just feels cathartic to tell someone about your PMS or migraine. She won’t mind if you keep her on speed dial for those moment when you just need to vent about the hurt feelings you endured when a coworker was rude to you.

You’re both super crafty and will constantly be trading decorating advice, family recipes, and party planning tips. When you need to borrow her crockpot, she’ll be at your door in a jiffy. If she needs a ride to the doctor’s office, you’re her affable chauffeur. The helpful nature of your relationship keeps the family dynamics smooth and supportive.


Where You Clash

You have a habit of pointing out people’s problems, which causes sensitive Cancer to recoil. She would die if anyone talked about her personal business that way. If you want to remain trustworthy in her eyes, don’t talk smack about other people around her. Unless, of course, she initiates the conversation. Then, you can feel free to psychoanalyze away.

You both have clear-cut ideas about the right way to do things. That includes what her husband should eat, how he should handle his aggressive boss, whether he should start wearing a suit and tie to work, and when the best time is for the two of you to start having children. Translation: you both have a tendency to go overboard with your “mothering.” A clucking hen-fest is not an attractive sight. Let her be your husband’s mother, even if you feel the swelling urge to compete for that role. Your marriage will be much sexier that way.

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