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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Sporty Capricorn and active Aquarius make great fitness buddies. The two of you may be skilled enough to go beyond jogging and cardio class–although you’ll certainly be great at getting each other to the gym. Skiing the black diamond slopes, bungee jumping, parasailing? Now we’re talking. Your mother-in-law was born an old soul who aged in reverse. She’ll find your youthful edge inspiring and might just become a daredevil playmate you love having adventures with.

Logic ranks high on the list of traits you both admire. You have a similar approach to hashing out problems–you prefer to sit down and talk them through in a calm and rational manner. You both like to focus on the future and can make great partners for any long-term planning that needs to be done for the family. 


Where You Clash

At times your mother-in-law may be TOO much of a worrywart for you. While you’re fine with planning for the future, she may be pushing you to write a living will at age 30 or to start a trust fund for the kids you haven’t even had yet. Planning for catastrophic events is a necessity for security-minded Capricorn. For Aquarius, topics like these just too much of a downer for you to think about. 

When it comes to family values, the two of you diverge quite dramatically. Capricorns gravitate towards a more conventional structure, and it’s rare to find a Goat who doesn’t want to have children. Aquarius is the eternal free spirit who thinks most rules were made to be laughed at.  Raising kids in a yurt on a communal farm is not out of bounds for you. Your mother-in-law has a stern disciplinarian living inside her. This pushes your buttons in a major way, and you’ll have to make sure your inner teen doesn’t rise up and rebel against her once the two of you are more comfortable around each other.

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