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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

With that hardcore Capricorn work ethic, you may both be the providers and breadwinners of the family. You share a generous spirit when it comes to your kin. If a family member is in need of something, you’ll have ample resources to spare and share. Both of you would give a relative the shirt off your back if that person needed it more than you. You like to keep a close-knit vibe with family, and agree that upholding traditional celebrations are what make special memories year after year.

You’re both big on risk assessment and management. Knowing what may possibly go wrong in the future is how you avoid accidents and emergencies–at least as far as the two of you are concerned. Other people might find your outlook gloomy, but you’ll be the ones who are prepared in times of crisis. Your mother-in-law is every bit as practical as you are, if not more so.  Hello, kindred spirit.


Where You Clash

Capricorns are born leaders with a strong sense of vision. Neither of you will think twice before taking charge when someone needs to steer the ship. Trouble is, there may be too many captains in the galley here. Whose direction will you take? The likelihood of a clash is high since you’ll both want things done YOUR way. Goats are known for being stubborn, and you two are no exception to the rule.

There is a tendency to overemphasize the practical here which means that the two of you never get to experience the more joyful, funloving side of each other’s personalities. You may become so focused on accomplishing goals when you’re together that you forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Sometimes, it’s great to spend time together just for the heck of it. Work on cultivating more spontaneity and leisure here.

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