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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Gemini is detail-oriented while Capricorn is a big-picture planner. Your skills can dovetail nicely for organizing family events. Your Capricorn mother-in-law is great at delegating tasks, which works fine for you since you like to keep busy and don’t mind being bossed around a little. Since she tends to err on the practical side, she’ll appreciate your creativity. You give solid ideas the sparkle and color they are missing.

You’re both big into self-improvement and may enjoy swapping books on everything from ayurvedic medicine to starting a green business. Capricorn has an earthy sensibility that meshes well with Gemini’s mystical side. Your mother-in-law also has an eccentric side that others rarely see. Around you, she feels comfortable flying her freak flag high and will appreciate how open-minded you are.


Where You Clash

Gemini is flashy and edgy–tattoos and piercings are found in a high ratio among those of your sign. You love turning heads with bright-colored clothes, loud jokes, snappy comments and bold gestures. Capricorn is the extreme opposite. Although your mother-in-law may have an edgy style herself, she still percolates with quiet modesty.

A competitive dynamic often emerges between you two and the battle for dominance won’t be pretty. As you flirt and crack jokes, your Capricorn mother-in-law casts a quiet disapproval throughout the room. Her stern energy can be incredibly intimidating, making you instantly self-conscious. Our advice: use your people-skills to make her shine. Tell stories about how great she is (she’ll never brag on her own), include her in your jokes (but never as the butt of them). As long as her position as alpha female isn’t threatened, there will be room on the stage for both of you divas.

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