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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Legend has it that Capricorns age in reverse. Born old souls, they learn to lighten up as they approach middle age. Leo is the eternal child with a youthful spirit that never disappears. You and your mother-in-law may cross paths at the perfect time in your lives–at a time where having fun is finally her priority. Your mother-in-law could quickly become your new BFF and the two of you will enjoy painting the town red, playing pranks on relatives, and taking girls’ trips to adventurous destinations.

Leo and Capricorn are ambitious, with a star quality that shines in a unique way. You both have a knack for taking personal struggles and turning them into creative triumphs. Many A-list divas were born under your signs. Leos include Whitney Houston and Jennifer Lopez. Capricorns: Mary J. Blige, Dolly Parton and Annie Lennox. Like these songstresses, both you and your mother-in-law have survivors’ spirits 


Where You Clash

Leo likes to celebrate life with splashes of color and the clamor of bells and whistles. Capricorn finds your style all too immodest. Your mother-in-law may be on an endless mission to make you “tone it down.” You may feel like you’re constantly trying to get her to lighten up and have more fun. Don’t give up this mission–even if your mother-in-law greets your playful gestures with arms folded across her chest. Ultimately, you’ll be a good influence on her. 

You have radically different approaches to spending and saving money. Leo is an impulse shopper who loves to splurge on gifts for other people and sparkly treats for yourself. Your mother-in-law can be a penny pincher. Like Capricorn First Lady Michelle Obama, it’s all about being practical–even if a six-figure salary is being earned. You find this glam-free approach to life dreary and depressing. Stern lectures from your mother-in-law may be forthcoming about your “noveau riche” approach to life. 

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