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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Capricorn is the father sign, and your mother-in-law may possess many of the traditional traits associated with a dad. Libra loves to be taken care of by a strong parental type. You’ll be overjoyed to go along with your breadwinning new mother-in-law’s plans. She, in turn, will be happy to share her know-how and wealth with you. Provided you are receptive to her guidance and apply her practical magic to your life, she will be an endless stream of generosity.

You both enjoy attending upscale functions where you get to dress up and rub elbows with the elite. Charity balls, award dinners, red carpet events–these are places you both love to be. You’re natural networkers who know how to work a room and find the resources you need in the crowd. You’ll admire each other’s social skills and will enjoy going out on the town together. With your flair for fashion and your mother-in-law’s classic elegance, the two of you are sure to turn heads. 


Where You Clash

Save the air-kissing and long hugs for someone else. Too much sorority girl energy will sour your Capricorn mother-in-law’s attitude towards you. She shows her love through acts of service rather than overt affection.  This is tough for touchy-feely Libra to swallow. You may find your mother-in-law’s style to be a bit cold.

She’s a stickler for schedules (even if her executive assistant is setting your lunch dates) and a woman of her word.  Indecisive Libra likes to keep things loosy-goosy, giving yourself at least an extra half hour window to be late. (There could be a hair crisis, after all!) Your well-meaning or sincere offers won’t mean squat to Capricorn unless you back them up with consistent action. Learn to break out your Blackberry and thumb type a solid date into your calendar, instead of saying “let’s do this again soon.” Be prepared to commit. Your mother-in-law will want to know the when and where, and she’ll want to know NOW.

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