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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Charity begins in the home, as far as you’re both concerned. Capricorn and Pisces would go to any lengths to make sure your families are taken care of. You both suffer from a touch of martyr syndrome, romanticizing people who make sacrifices for their loved ones.  In many cases you can both be tough cookies on the outside, softies on the inside. You may find that your parenting styles are similar should you decide to have children of your own. 

You’re both thoughtful people who like to ponder different scenarios before you act. While your mother-in-law tends think through the cautionary side of a tale, you’re more starry-eyed. She’ll help you take practical measures into account, you’ll remind her that it’s also important to dream and have fun.


Where You Clash

Pisces attracts friends from all walks of life. Some of them may be formerly sketchy characters that you’re “rehabbing” with your compassionate listening and unwavering friendship. (But hey, it’s probably working!) Capricorn doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Your mother-in-law rolls with an elite inner circle that might even have a waiting list for entry. Your open door policy for friends gives her the chills. You’ll find her to be a bit of a snob. 

Free-flowing Pisces doesn’t like to be pinned down to a strict schedule–and you certainly don’t want to answer to anyone about your time. Capricorn is rigorous when it comes to appointments, often needing to know the start and the end time. Time is valuable in your mother-in-law’s world, so be careful not to waste hers by showing up late or being too loose about plans. 

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