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Capricorn Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Both Scorpio and Capricorn are goal-oriented gals. You like to radar in on the end product and figure out the most creative and cost-effective way to achieve your mission. The two of you will work together like old pros on any endeavor from planning a July Fourth barbecue to starting a family business. With your mother-in-law’s knack for project management and your eye for detail, you set a high bar for people.

Neither of you is overly affectionate or demonstrative of emotions. This works fine since you won’t have to suffer through any awkward hugs or false gushing here. Although your Capricorn mother-in-law is generous and always around for support, she believes in giving her children space to be their own people. As a private Scorpio, you’ll appreciate having a mother-in-law who calls before she comes by and doesn’t get in the middle of your arguments with her son.


Where You Clash

You’re private and your mother-in-law is reserved. Getting past a superficial level may take longer than usual for you two.  One of you will have to drop her guard. The trouble is, you both fear being judged by the other once you do.  Warning Scorpio: you’ll have to curb the critic in you when you’re around your mother-in-law. Creating a “safe space” for emotional dialogs is essential. If your mother-in-law fears being judged, she may never open up to you. 

“Keep it real,” is a motto Scorpio lives by. With your razor sharp intuition you can spot a phony from ten miles away. If you hate something, you don’t cover it up. You just can’t. Capricorn is a total politician–she knows how to make just about anyone like her. Her public persona could push your buttons in a major way. You may find her fake at times, and wonder what she REALLY thinks and believes. Conversely, she’ll wish you had better manners. In her mind, it’s polite to pretend you like someone–especially if it eliminates future drama. 

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