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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re a pair of bohemians who live life by your own rules. It’s little surprise her son chose to marry someone like you–the two of you could be twins in some respects. This is sure to be a chummy relationship. Be careful not to get SO close that your husband feels like the third wheel around you two.

Nothing is too metaphysical for either of you to explore. You’ll have a partner-in-crime for that Crystal Dream Workshop in Sedona or the lecture series by a controversial author. There is a definite meeting of the minds between you two, and your conversations will be nothing short of enlightening.

She’ll approve of your unconventional parenting methods. It’s likely that she’ll introduce you to ideas herein that you hadn’t thought of yourself. She’s an excellent co-teacher should you decide to home school the kids. 


Where You Clash

High-minded Aquarius could pontificate over lofty subjects all day. Restless Gemini has a time limit for such things. She WILL get annoyed if you force her to sit through a three-hour documentary about, say, the prison industrial complex. Save your impassioned rants against “the man” for another ally. If you go on too long, she’ll purposely annoy you and play devil’s advocate. You rarely lose your temper, but this could cause you to blow your stack. And an angry Aquarius is not a pretty sight.

Gemini loves to gossip, a pastime which makes your skin crawl. She may suck you into those nasty bitch-and-whine sessions a few times, but DO resist. You can help her break her addiction to talking smack about other people–especially family members. 

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