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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Aries Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s an ease of communication between Aries and Gemini. You two chatterboxes could gab on for hours about everything from a new cardio-toning technique to the verdict on “American Idol.” She’s a great sidekick for outings and the two of you attract a lot of attention when you’re together. Go ahead and flirt with the waiter at that hot brunch spot you’re dining at. Gemini is a flirt too and she won’t blab to her son. Open up to her, but don’t be surprised if her secrets are about ten levels more shocking than yours. The Gemini mother-in-law lives on the edge and ain’t ashamed to tell of her exploits. 

An expert researcher and avid learner, Gemini is a wealth of knowledge. Ask for her direction and advice. She’ll point you to resources you’d never have dreamed up on your own. Warning: she can’t keep a secret for long, so turn elsewhere for private matters.


Where You Clash

You’re fine with having a good time, but sometimes, your Gemini mother-in-law seems downright irresponsible. Who’s the mother here, you may wonder? When it comes to money, her gambling style could make you cringe. She may be a big earner, but she’s a high roller, too. Don’t be surprised if she hits you up for a loan every now and again. 

You like to focus deeply on another person and, of course, have them intently focus on you as well. Gemini will be scattered in a thousand directions. Her inability to stick to a single topic of conversation could drive you bananas. If her son longed for a more conventional Mommy type, you may have to baby him a bit to make up for the ways she didn’t. 

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