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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Meeting the parents gives shy Cancer a case of shaky nerves. Have no fear, here. Your Gemini mother-in-law is too free-spirited to care about your quirks. If anything, she simply wants to be accepted for her own offbeat personality. Relax and let as much as you can hang out. She wants to be your BFF, not your second mother.

Did she really just say that?! You’ll marvel at your Gemini mother in law’s gutsy gumption. She’s the firecracker you often wish you could be; a total crackup who leaves you in stitches. You’re both talented in the creative realm. Making art or playing music together could become a bonding experience. Set up an extra easel and invite her over for an evening of watercolor painting.  Tell her to bring her iPod so you can share tunes while you’re creating your masterpieces.


Where You Clash

As a Cancer, you love to be nurtured, but that’s not really your Gemini mother-in-law’s style. She won’t understand your need for reassurance and verbal validation. Do you want her to praise you like (gasp) a mother?! Not here, not now. In her mind, these traits make you “needy.” You’ll wish she could be more of a mom instead of always trying to be your hip best friend. The disappointment could be devastating if you hoped to be adopted into a new family. You may actually feel more mature than her in many instances.

Your husband may have married you because you provide what his mother didn’t. The pressure of these expectations could cause you to resent her. Sure, you like baking cookies and decorating the home. But you’re not interesting in bottle-feeding a grown man. Her bohemian ways may seem irresponsible to you once the charm wears off.

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